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Gold ([personal profile] mischiefbreeder) wrote2012-09-11 09:02 pm

29 [Voice/Action]

[It wasn't unheard of for Gold to go barging into his housemate's rooms. On the contrary, it was something he did with relative frequency. Never with any sort of malicious intent, mind you. He just never really bothered with the whole knocking thing. It was his house, and they were his friends, so why bother?

This was one of those times, as he barged into Crys' room.

Hey Crys, I-

[The moment he steps in, he can tell something's wrong. Anyone with eyes could, honestly. The room was completely bare. Sure, Crys kept her room organized, albeit with research materials everywhere, but this room was empty, save for just a pair of goggles, and a box containing a bunch of letters tucked underneath the desk. Letters addressed to all of Crys' friends--Silver, Red, Green, Yellow, Ruby, Ingo, other friends Crys had made in Luceti, and, of course... Himself. It was clear what this was. He grabbed the letters and set off to drop those letters off at the doorways of the people they were meant for, not even daring to open his own until later.

He didn't want to face the grim truth it contained, even though he already knew.


[Sometime later, he makes an announcement over the journal. Just a simple one.]

Crys went home, back to our world. She left behind some letters for her friends. Sorry.

[The feed ends there.]

[And then for the rest of the day, Gold opts to just sit in the corner of his room, Crys' goggles sitting in his lap, half-staring at the space where the walls intersect, and half-staring at the letter she wrote him.

He knows he'll see her again someday when he goes home, so... why does it hurt?

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