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30 [Voice/Action]

[It was back to the usual for Gold and Silver. Silver's little stunt he'd pulled on the draft kept him out of commission for a while, so today was the first day in a while they've had the chance to really train together. Prior drafts have made them realize that while they know how to handle Pokémon enemies, they're up a creek without a paddle against seasoned warriors. To that end, they're trying to create a training simulation with human enemies in it. Which brings them to today's dilemma.]

We should fight pirates, Silver.

[Silver considers it for a moment. Pirates. Pirates... Yeah, no way.]

Let's go for ninjas. They're more of a threat.

[Gold just raises an eyebrow at Silver. Guuuuurrrl you craycray.]

No way, dude. Pirates are way more dangerous! Scourge of the seven seas and all that!

They're dangerous because they have some fancy title? No way. Ninjas would be done with their job before you knew what hit you.

Oooh, yeah, because hiding in shadows like a coward is soooo deadly. Pirates get right down to business and do what needs to be done!

You just wish you understood a thing about strategy and timing. Dumb dramatic pirates are perfect for you.

Like you know anything about that! Stupid cowardly ninjas are a match made in heaven for you! We're fightin' pirates!

You go ahead and fight pirates, then. You're too oblivious and blockheaded to lay a single finger on a ninja anyway.

[Gold just glares at Silver for a moment, incredibly cross. Stupid Silver and his stupid words and his stupid stupid stupidness stupid--

...Aha, idea.
] Izzat so? Well, you'd know blockheadedness. You're the king of it! But I've got a way to solve our little dilemma... [And out he pulls his journal! Without even a moment's hesitation, he begins recording!]


Hey, tell this moron here [briefly flashing the journal in Silver's direction] that pirates are best!



Silver grabs Gold's journal and shoves him over before pointing it right at his stupid best friend.
] Or you can tell this loser that ninjas are so much better!

You take that back!

You heard me! Only a loser would like pirates!

And only a moron would like ninjas!





[At this point, Gold drops the journal and dives at Silver, causing the book to close and the feed to end.

Aww, here it goes again.

((ooc: Joint post with Gold and Silver! Order will go either Gold > Silver > you, or Silver > Gold > You!))

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