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Fourth Wall

[Gold took a look outside when he woke up, greeted by the sight of so many new faces in Luceti, some familiar, and some... not so much. Whatever the case, he wasn't about to let it interfere with his day. It was just another crazy day in Luceti, that's all.

With that said, Gold got dressed and went about his day, doing his training at the battle dome, grabbing a bite to eat at Seventh Heaven, and then taking up residence at the Rec Center for the rest of the day.

[Asbel is similarly undeterred, though when he spots a familiar face, he's more proactive in seeking them out. He hasn't quite gotten to the point of being bitter about friends coming and going from this world. At some point, he hits up the barracks to do sword practice.]

[As for Haru, who's never even so much as vaguely experienced anything like this happening? He becomes very gung-ho about running up to all the new faces that have suddenly appeared in Luceti, running up to each that he spots, greeting them enthusiastically and seeing if there's something he can do to help them.]

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for asbel!

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[Well, while Asbel's doing that sword practice, he may find that a young girl in an eyepatch and carrying a closed umbrella is just... watching him in awe. Because wow that sword and him swinging it around aaahh it's so cool --]
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[Asbel doesn't notice the girl at first, engrossed in his sword practice, exhibiting his techniques and combinations against the wooden training dummy. A flurry of kicks and sweeps, a few slashes, and then ending in a cleaving slash that cuts the dummy in two.

Once the dummy falls over from being bifurcated, that's when Asbel notices the girl watching him.

Hi there?
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[That's fine by her! At least then she gets to watch him even longer and witness all those awesome moves. She's always waved her umbrella around like a weapon before and "fought" with her friends, but... seeing someone actually doing it...! It's pretty neat.

Which is why all she says in response to him is--]
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Ahh... You think so? [He's never really heard someone compliment on his swordplay like that before...]
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[She nods, maybe a little more excitedly than intended.]

Yes, definitely. Your skills may even be a match for the Dark Flame Master.
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Your form could do with some improvement. Have you been slacking off, Asbel?

[Guess who's here, arms crossed, watching him whack things?]
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[Asbel recognizes that voice and tone anywhere...]

I guess I just do better with having live opponents instead of a training dummy.
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You mean you've found no one willing to start a fight with you in this entire village? How unusual.
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There are people who like to fight, but there aren't many who enjoy a good, old fashioned spar.
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Do you seriously expect me to take your bait?

[It probably isn't bait on Asbel's end but you know him.]
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...Huh? [Bro what bait are you talking about, he doesn't get what you mean.]
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You're attempting to challenge me to a spar without actually asking me, aren't you?
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Hubert, if I wanted to spar with you, I'd just ask.
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I suppose that is true. [Hubert looks around once, and shrugs.] It wouldn't matter anyway. My weapon isn't here.
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[Asbel shoots his little brother a smug grin.]

Maybe we should find you a pair of sticks to use like the old days, huh?
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If you want to be even more humiliated when I best you.
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whoever you think will have the funniest reaction

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Waaaaaah hah hah hah hah hah!

[Because it really doesn't matter who Piros appears in front of. It doesn't matter who's there to witness as he jumps off of a building in that horribly garish armor. It doesn't matter how absolutely lurid his presence is, as he glitters in blinding and hideous golden light. It doesn't matter that, for some reason, that godawful theme song is playing now that he's here. He postures, poses, and... well, shouts.]

You're a fool, Tri-Edge... your less than subtle means of vandalizing have made tracking you far too easy! You've made yourself obvious!! And now, it is time to deal upon you a swift doberman justice!

I have no name to give to scoundrels like you! Like a wild eagle with broken wings, Piros the 3rd, The Sky Blue Eagleman of Cloudy Weather is here!!
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[Most people who react with an expression of horror and disdain at Piros the 3rd's outlandish behavior and downright bizarre behavior.

Those people would be reacting properly to such a thing. Unfortunately, Haru is not one of those people. He happens to find Piros' crazy getup and crazier thirst for justice absolutely amazing.

Whoooaa! Dude, you're like a superhero!
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Hah! Hahahahahah-- harumph! Don't think you can fool me with flattery, Tri-Edge!! Your inconspicuous getup this time proves absolutely nothing!

Have a taste of my rope!!

[And then... Piros throws rope at him, as if he expects it to tangle Haru up.]
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Dude! What're you doing!? [Haru jumps back with quick reflexes when that rope is thrown.] Who's Tri-Edge?!
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[Piros the 3rd pauses for a second... before laughing heartily.]

Hah hah hah! Of course, of course you're not Tri-Edge! Tri-Edge would have surely never escaped my flawless plan! Come to think of it, you're probably not much of a vandalism.
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'sup, student, have a double dose of AU

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[Previous encounters here with Cheria and Pascal not remembering her (or, more accurately, not remembering her as a woman) have caused Malikah to question both their sanity and her own. Thankfully, she soon ran into Hubert, who helpfully explained the weirdness of Luceti and theorized that perhaps Cheria and Pascal were merely under the influence of a Shift that modified their memories. Malikah honestly wasn't sure whether she was more assured by the idea of something just suddenly messing with their minds, or less.

Well, either way, here she is at the barracks, having been led here by Hubert in search of his brother. Seeing as Hubert's apparently been in Luceti before (somehow...she hasn't quite gotten her head around the time-warpy nature of this place), she's been letting him take the reins with regards to showing her around.]

one half of which barely even makes sense

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[Taking the reigns he is, with how confidently he strides toward the entrance of the barracks and motions inside to allow Malikah a good, clear view. He's been around a fair bit in his previous stay, though this particular place received much attention from him compared to most others.]

This is the barracks, where we train without a simulated opponent . . .

[The sounds of someone training have him trailing off, and finally realizing the other presence, Hubert fixes his glasses before stepping inside.]

Ah, Asbel. There you are.
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[Asbel had just seen his brother a short while, he's confused that Hubert surprised to see him there.]

...Huh? Of course I'm here, Hubert.

[Seeing Malik with Hubert's definitely a surprise, though.]

When did you get here, Captain?
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[Phew, okay, looks like Asbel remembers her correctly. Malikah relaxes, stepping forward a little.]

About an hour or two ago, it seems. I was trying to get the lay of the land here. Fortunately, Hubert has gotten me up to speed on Luceti.

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[What's with that attitude, Asbel . . . ]

From what I understand, it's nearly been a year since my departure. This place has changed little; therefore explaining the basics was hardly a challenging task.
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[Asbel's just left utterly confused by Hubert's statement.]

Huh? But I just saw you about an hour ago.
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That can't be right...Hubert has been with me for at least that long.

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. . . Where was this?
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[ That shortage is being fixed with the presence of Arceus's greatest creation; the Zubat. Isn't it wonderful to see so many?

One of them swoops down to steal his burger. ]