mischiefbreeder: (Then it's settled how we'll do this.)
Gold ([personal profile] mischiefbreeder) wrote2013-02-07 10:27 am

32 [Voice/Action]

[Normally, this is the sort of thing that would call for a filter. ...Gold however doesn't like to bother with filters. So he just makes his announcement public instead.]

Hey, all the trainers here in Luceti. Pokémon trainers that is! Remember how Yellow talked about arranging another Trainer Day like last year? Well, after some careful deliberation, we've picked a date! It's gonna go down this Saturday at the western lake! Just follow the river and you can't miss it! [Or, you know, ask one of them for a ride.] We'll have food, battles, training, and lots and lots of fun! So all of you make sure you're there, got it!?

...Oh, and if you wanna bring a friend along, that's cool too.


[After his announcement, Gold can be found in the plaza, visiting the various shops. Since it's only a couple days away, he's decided it'd be a good to take note of what sort of supplies they'll need to take along, mostly in the way of food. Feel free to catch him at any of the shops to chat him up.]

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