mischiefbreeder: (☀ Huh? I don't get it.)
Gold ([personal profile] mischiefbreeder) wrote2013-07-07 03:06 pm

35 [Video]

So it's that time of the month already, huh? Man, how time flies by. Seems like it was just a couple months ago we had new people showin' up, and now it's happening again! [A bit of crude humor on his part, as anyone who's been in Luceti for any decent length of time knows how often the New Feather cycles are.]

Aaaaanyway, I've got a bit of an announcement to make. [The feed shows a shot of him scratching his cheek as he ponders this announcement he's about to give.]

As I'm sure most of you remember, Hiccup went home some time ago, and he left behind a Pokémon I'd given him. [He shifts the camera to get a shot of Kyle, the three foot tall Fraxure.] I've been watchin' her for a while, but I'm thinkin' it's about time she found a new home--and a new trainer.

So! That's where you all come in! I'm lookin' for someone who'd seriously consider wantin' to be a Pokémon Trainer and be willing to keep raisin' ol' Kyle here. Any potential applicants'll be interviewed and schooled on what it takes, but only one'll get picked in the end! So who's it gonna be? One of you? Only one way to find out, right?

[The feed doesn't end there, though. The normal person would elect to set up a filter of some sort for this next part.

...Gold is not a normal person. Or maybe he's trying to draw attention to this part that should be a private thing. Who knows?

Hey Crys, I believe I asked you a question some time ago. I'm still waitin' for you to give me a real answer there! So what's it gonna be?

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