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Gold ([personal profile] mischiefbreeder) wrote2013-11-25 10:12 pm

36 [Voice] Backdated to the evening of 11/24

[Gold had been off in the jungle for the past week or so, off attending to a mission with Silver. It was successful, minus some... bumps in the road, and they're just now returning to the village. As Gold rode into town, on top of the back of Explotaro, his trusty steed, the first thing that pops into his mind is to pull out his journal and make a post. Because that's obviously what you do when you first come back from a mission, right?]

Say, Cilan, think you can whip together a feast for us? Gotta say, the food I've had over the past week? Hardly what I'd call appetizing. I'm dyin' for a good meal right about now!

[There's silence for a bit, almost as if he's leaving it there.

But then he speaks up again.

So what's been goin' in this fine village? I've been gone for ten days, so I'd expect something to have happen during that time! No way this place is so dull that every day's just as boring at the one before it. Besides, there's this... ahh, weird feeling in the air? Dunno quite how to put it, but... Yeah!

Ah, well... Probably not much point to worrying about it now, unless someone's willing to come clean?

[A sigh.]

I know it's kinda late in the day, but anyone wanna meet up, and I dunno... do something? I've gotta find some way to unwind after all this mission junk. Otherwise, I might just explode.

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