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Fourth Wall 2014

[Gold can be found almost anywhere in the village. Catch him at the restaurant scarfing unquantifiable amounts of burgers, at the rec center shooting up a game of pool, or inside his house tending to his Pokémon.]


[Asbel will be found at the barracks training and working on his swordsmanship. Unless you're an old acquaintance of his, of course, in which case, he's already accosted you and dragged you off to catch up over tea at the tea shop. Or you may just find him at a rare moment in the house, playing with Tiger Festival, his pet cat.]


[Haru, meanwhile, is going to be absolutely excited at the prospect of all these new people showing up in the village. So many new faces to meet...! Which is why he's taking the opportunity to introduce him to each one he gets the chance to so he can make more friends.]

Hi, I'm Haru! Who're you?


[Or if you've got a different scenario in mind for any of these three, lay it on me!]
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[The house, you say? Why, that's where Cheria is. Rather, she's standing just outside it, by the front door. She's been standing there for a good minute before she finally gathers enough courage to knock. She's lost her key, after all. She has no choice but to act like a guest instead of a housemate.]
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[Asbel's attention quickly turns to the door. That's unusual. They don't exactly get many visitors at the house. At least, not ones that come over unannounced. Tiger Festival's quick to ditch Asbel and run over to the door, excited by whoever's at the door. Even more unusual...]

Who could that be...

[Well, better not keep them waiting, especially with how cold it is outside right now. He walks up to the door, gives the knob a twist, and pulls it open, revealing...!]
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[Cue Asbel's shock.]
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[The short wait is spent anxiously, because what if Asbel and the others don't live here anymore? What if they all went home too? She has no idea how long she's been gone.

Once the door opens, she releases the breath she's been holding and a relieved smile spreads across her face.]


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goes for the Gold

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[A Dia is suddenly peering as Gold chows down. He points towards one burger.]

Excuse me, are you going to finish that?

[While as he talks, Munchlax climbs up the other side of the table, scooping a good number of the untouched burgers into his mouth just like that.]
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I prefer to think of myself as Special

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Ah, thank you!

[He smiles chipperly as he reaches for the burger... but then he has to swat Munchlax's hand away when he tries to grab it instead.]

Hey, Lax, can't I have just this burger?

[The negotiations are interrupted by the tongue of Dia's Lickilicky, which immediately snatches up the burger.]

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steals the gold

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(When in doubt, go to the rec center because a lot of people tend to be there. Or something like that, maybe she's just wandering around instead. But hey, familiar places, familiar faces and lo and behold there's her boyfriend. Playing pool and she is not surprised at all.) That was a pretty good shot.

(Aw yeah, surprise entrance.)
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you love me and you know it

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(Are you surprised she's not surprised he's not surprised, of course not She takes this opportunity to choose a cue that's just her size.) Mind if I play, too?
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say hi Asbel

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[ These two might be friends, but sword training just makes more sense, don'tcha think? ]

Still training, huh? You know, you're gonna become an old man faster than I am if you don't take a break, Asbel.

[ I'm leaving this here to answer it later when I'm not so drowning in tags but I COULDN'T RESIST OKAY. ]
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hi Asbel

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[Asbel doesn't break his concentration as he practices his moves, especially if Malik is the one talking to him.]

You're the one who taught me to always be diligent with my training, Captain.
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I'll take Asbel for 200

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[When Pascal shows up and realises where she is the first thing she does is head straight for the house! For some reason she didn't have a journal when she woke up this time, or the wings, which was a little strange... But really that was pretty strange in itself, plus she's pretty certain she's figured out what's going on here for her to show up sans journal and wings.

Cue Pascal expecting to be able to walk right into the house only to end up slamming into the door when it turns out to be locked... And then trying again a couple of seconds.]

Huh! Well I haven't tried-- [And a third time.] Awh bananas!
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The question is "This word is Asbel's most well-known phrase"

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[What in the word is that slamming noise. Asbel walks over to the door and opens it to look outside. Care to give going through the door a fourth try?]
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What is "Protect"?

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[Hmm... Yeah okay, one more try before she gives up and tries going for one of the windows instead. But wait! The door is starting to open. But she's already throwing herself towards the door! And you can't just stop flinging yourself mid-fling in these kinds of situations.

So yeah. Have fun with the flying Amarcian who's about to burst her way through your door, Asbel.]

Guess the fourth time's a chaaa-aaaah!!

That's two words though!

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[Gold] You didn't see that.

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[After dealing with the fact that she was lost somewhere, her stomach had made it painfully obvious that she hadn't ate in so long. So going into the restaurant, she obviously saw Gold stuffing his face.]

Wow... That's a lot of burgers....
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Ahaaha! I'm sorry. I was in the wrong journal

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[And they look very delicious at this point.]

Mind if I join you?

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pssst Gold hey Gold

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[There's a Staraptor eying one of those burgers, Gold. If the bird has a trainer, they're not keeping an eye on him...

Ben isn't paying much attention, trying to see if he can get food for himself. Sure, he's unnerved suddenly showing up at a new place, but he can take it in stride. And right now he's hungry.]
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[Well, Gold remains oblivious to the Staraptor eying his food (for now), but that Staraptor in turn is getting eyed by a rather vicious-looking Togekiss.]
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[Staraptor squawks a bit indignantly at the Togekiss. Hey! He's just looking, buzz off!!

At least the squawk gets Ben's attention.]
Hey, Staraptor, don't bother people-- [And then the Togekiss catches his attention. Ben does not quite recall seeing that kind of expression on a Togekiss and it's making him curious. He'll wander over to take a look. Food can wait.]

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[A WILD WOOPER HAS APPEARED and is drooling at that food]
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[There's so many people in Luceti today, geez. Hubert lost his glasses somewhere.]

Where are my glasses? No! [He bumps into Asbel and his glasses fall out of his pocket. ]

My apologies. I was careless--[Hubert picks up his glasses and looks up at Asbel in shock.]

Asbel, explain yourself. [Dude, why do you have wings? He's judging.]
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[Asbel turns around to face Hubert upon hearing such a familiar voice.]

...Explain what? [Come on, Hubert, you know your brother's kind of really dumb, you have to tell him what you want.]
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What are you doing?!

[Hubert sounds like he's pleading for help at this point. ]

No, more importantly where are we? I'll have you explain everything in a more...quiet location.

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