Aug. 25th, 2012

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[It was still early in the morning. Way too early, as far as Gold was concerned. Green saw fit to wake him from his slumber to prep for a camping trip. Seems like Green thinks it's a good idea to get away from the village and go on a camping trip for a while. At least until things blow over.

...Granted, Gold didn't think it was a bad idea at all, early awakening aside. He spent a lot of the early morning with his Senior, scoping out a proper spot and setting up tents, but there was another reason Green had chosen to work with Gold specifically, and it wasn't just because they both had fire Pokémon as their starters.

Gold had been functioning as the de facto leader of the Pokémon trainers in Luceti, having been there the longest and knowing the most about the world, he was tasked with getting everyone gathered up so they could go go go.

[Filtered to all Pokémon trainers in Luceti, including those from the alternate worlds, as well as Masaomi, Hiccup, Shiemi, and Chien. Oh, and Frey and his sister too, because housemates]

So you guys all saw that announcement, right? I know you did, Silver. [He saw that note, boy. |8] About all the outsiders comin' into Luceti for a little vacation. [If you could call that a vacation.] Anyway, it's gonna get real cramped here real fast, so Senior Green thinks it's a good idea to get away from the village for a bit. 'Least until all this blows over!

So, we're gonna go camping! We've got a sweet spot scoped out at the southern lake and tents already pitched, so pack up and head out! Make sure to bring your valuables with you, too, at least if you wanna make sure you still have 'em when you come back!

[And there ends that message.]


[Following that announcement, before Gold heads back to the campsite himself, Gold might be found in the shops, gathering supplies for this trip, when he notices something odd about the whole thing.]
Say, is it just me, or is there less stuff in the shops than usual?


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