Dec. 26th, 2012

mischiefbreeder: (The party starts now!)
[Another year in Luceti's gone by. Another year away from home. Another year of Luceti's crazy shenanigans. Another year all culminating in the year "Christmas" Shift that happens in the village. Every year, without fail. Gold had been in the village long enough to notice at least this. It was interesting how despite people hailing from so many worlds, so many of them were equally familiar with Christmas.

Just why was that? Did they all come to learn of the holiday from Luceti? Or... do they all just happen to have the same holiday? But how? How could so many people from so many different worlds have the same holiday?! It just seemed like it couldn't be possible!

...Unless... Yeah, that had to be it. Aliens did it. That's obviously the reason! But enough of that insight into Gold's mind. 'Tis a frightening place to experience for extended periods of time.

So, anybody end up gettin' anything sweet this year for the holiday? It was an ordeal puttin' up with those damn elves, but I think it really ended up payin' off! I got a real taste of home from this one, haha!

Oh, hey, speakin' of! Hey, showy guy! Uhh... [crap what's his name again...] ...Cilan! Hey, you're good at cookin', right?! 'Cause I got a task for you that might be right up your alley, then! And in the meantime we can get that battle underway! Sounds good, right?


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