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So, I think we established that nobody remembers what happened this weekend, right? Right. So let's just not worry about it, okay? It's in the past, and no one knows, so who cares? If no one even knows about it, do we really even have to say it happened? Let's just move on and focus on rememberin' what happens from hereon!

So, that said, I was kinda wonderin'... How many of you have video games in your world?


[Later that day... Gold didn't exactly know what compelled him to visit the northwestern half of the village today. Not that there was anything wrong with the area, but there was nothing there. Just a bunch of house, and a huge tree. No places to hang out or anything. Maybe just boredom? Wanderlust? Curiosity? It was something.

...And yet, here he was, staring at this house. Was this house always here? How did he never notice it before? You'd think a guy would notice such a huge house in the village. Was someone living in it? It looked like it was recently abandoned... Well, only one way to find out, right?

[Filtered to House 15 residents]
[Sometime later, after investigating that house...]

Dude, you guys... You gotta come check this out, quick!


[And thus he waits near the bridge by House 15 for them to come. Of course, someone is free to catch him there while he waits and find out exactly what he's up to.]
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[Okay, why is the village so loud? Don't these guys know that some people are trying to sleep? It's like a circus moved into Luceti, that's how loud it was in the village and on the journal.

Groggily walking to the door, he opens it, only to be greeted by the sight of, well... people everywhere!

...What the...

[Running now back to his journal (and leaving his door open in the process for intruders, he poses a simple question to Luceti (and inadvertently its newcomers).]

Okay, what's with all the people? Is the circus in town now or somethin'?


[Well, it's not like these people being around is too bad. You know, as long as they don't disturb his sleep. Regardless, on Sunday, he's decided to take up residence in the rec center and play some games there.]
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[It was December 22nd, and to Gold, that meant one thing--

...Okay, two things. The first was that Christmas was drawing near. And Christmas meant presents, and presents are always good. Preeeseeeeents.

But the second was potentially more important to Gold. December 24th was Silver's birthday. There was no way he could let Silver's birthday go uncelebrated; no matter how much the latter might protest. Time to plot. To the journal!

[Filtered away from Silver | 100% unhackable | It's probably only unhackable due to stupid luck.]

So, you guys know my buddy Silver, right? Long red hair, pale eyes, with a a look on his face that he couldn't give a Rattata's ass about anything? Yeah, that guy.

I'm throwin' him a birthday party on the 24th. Since that's, y'know, his birthday! I don't think he's ever actually had a birthday party in his life. Anyway, he doesn't really have a lot of friends here yet. It's kinda his nature to try and seclude himself from people. But all he needs is a push! So it'd really mean a hell of a lot to him--and to me--if people came to celebrate his birthday.

...Not that he'll admit it, of course. He'll just tsun out over it. That's also his nature.


So, you guys think anything big'll happen still this month? The Mallies seem pretty keen on hitting the big Earth holidays, after all! I mean, we got the lights strung up all over the place, but there's way more to Christmas than some pretty lights and a piece of mistletoe here and there! Don'tcha think so?
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[The plaza is empty today, quiet, as the snow continues to bear down on the village on day four of the November snowstorm. Not a soul can be seen. Near the entrance of the plaza, at the four-way intersection, there are two large piles of snow, one on the left and one on the right. It seems so... normal.

Of course, this is Luceti. There's no such thing as "normal". The moment someone comes near the plaza, a snowball comes flying out from one of the two snow piles. Afterwards, the ones responsible reveal themselves, stepping up from behind the snow piles.

Ready, Red? Let's get 'em!

Heh! You don't even need to ask. I've been waiting for this all day, Gold.

[You have just entered into a snowball war with Gold and [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter. What do?]

((ooc: Joint post with [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter! That's all I do these days, I guess. Order will follow as You > Gold > Red. Threadjacking is also totally allowed, and even encouraged!))
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Action for House 15 or unfortunate passerby/neighbors. )

[Immediately after that argument, Gold began his recording, Silver still nearby.]

So, Luceti, quick question. Do you think it's normal to sleep with and lounge all over and shower with your sibling on a regular basis?

((ooc: Joint post! Replies will come from both Gold and [livejournal.com profile] tsuntrader in an order of You > Gold > Silver unless otherwise stated!))
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[July 21st. That was Gold's birthday. At least, back home it was. In Luceti... It didn't really matter. It was a fact only a few of his friends in Luceti knew, and he doubted any of them would try and throw him a party or anything of the sort. Just didn't seem their style.

...He didn't want to be reminded he was 15 in Luceti now, anyway.

With a click, the journal turns on.

...So, anybody know anything about remodelin' houses? Mine's gettin' pretty cramped now and I'm runnin' out of couches to throw everyone on. I'd rather not have to kick half these guys out, 'cause I kinda like havin' them around, y'know? Just add a second floor, or maybe even a basement'll do!

Geez... This house ain't meant to hold this many people...

[A pause, and then...]

...So, hey! Here's a question. What kinda things you guys like to do in the summer for fun? Me, I'm pretty big on hittin' my skateboard and goin' for a ride! I could also totally go for a trip to the beach, though. Summer's half-over and I haven't even gone once yet!

[Filtered to Anri | 60% unhackable]

Hey, I gotta ask you somethin'.
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[It was one week ago Gold had been yanked from Luceti, taken off to be personally experimented on like so many before him. It was so typical, really. Big things happen around Gold, and he has to play clean-up. He tries to play clean-up, and the Malnosso get in the way. And once they're all done with him, they ditch him somewhere random in Luceti. Friggin' Malnosso.

Gold sat on the ground in his spot in the forest when he regained consciousness, right where they dumped him. Eventually, though, he grabs his journal, attempting to send a message.

What follows is not a message, but just... failed attempts at sounds.

... ... ...! ...

[This goes on for about 30 seconds, before there's the sound of a fist colliding with the bark of a tree. Probably the most discernible noise on the entire broadcast.

Okay, talking isn't going to work. Let's try a different approach. Writing. Gold hated writing. It was so much more work than straight up talking. But there's nothing he can do about it right now.


Need help. Come quick.

- Gold

[Yeah... That'll work. Keep it short and simple. He can explain later, once someone comes.]

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18 [Voice]

Jun. 13th, 2011 06:40 pm
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[The journal clicks on, and Gold... is not looking too happy.]

Hey, whoever's bright idea it was to stash a chicken milk bomb in my house, you better watch your back. You've gotten yourself into a battle you got no chance of winning, you got that? Come clean and maybe we'll go easy on yo--

[Suddenly, there's a telltale crash. You know, that one that's commonly heard over the journals when the droids show up? Yeah, that one.]

...Tch, you guys... Well, I ain't goin' without a fight this time, so come at me! Get 'em, Explotaro!

[What follows is the sound of a brief scuffle, as Gold and his Pokémon engage the droids in battle, but it ends not long after it starts, the sound dying down as Gold's unconscious body is dragged away by the droids.

If housemates decide to investigate, they'll find the living room in disarray, Gold's Pokémon KOed on the ground, and Gold nowhere to be seen, as he's been mallynapped.

((ooc: Not gonna bother making an OOC post for this, but I'm going on slowatus for a bit, and getting Gold here out of the way because I have PLANS for him later. My others will be around, though!))
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[The journal clicks on, and Gold appears on the other end. He appears to be rather dirty, and he has a shovel slung over his shoulder. His goggles are pulled down over his eyes, presumably related to the aforementioned dirt and shovel.]

Hey, anybody know where I can find some cement? Preferably not dried. You know, the powdery stuff you have to mix and pour!

[Outside all day, along the river between houses 15 and 16, there is Gold, digging a large hole in the ground. A large green frog and small purple monkey seem to be curously watching him, while the even larger fire badger thing has decided to instead sleep in and soak up the sunlight, ignoring what its trainer is doing instead. Gold appears to be carelessly tossing the dirt behind him so that it inevitably collects on the path. Try not to trip over the pile or get hit by flying dirt, especially if you decide to stop and gawk at what he's doing.]
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[Near House 15, the Orphanage, a card table has been set up. Seated at one end of the table is Gold, shuffling a standard deck of playing cards. When someone comes near the table, Gold shouts out, in order to grab their attention:]

Come one, come all! Take a seat and play a game! Bet as much or as little as you want, you just might strike it big today! We got Blackjack and Poker here, so it's your choice! You might just become Luceti's next millionaire today!

[Is that person you today? Be warned, for Gold is a skilled gambler with far too much luck on his side for a kid.

Of course, the other residents of the orphanage might just have to wonder what the hell Gold's up to today.

((ooc: Okay, so here's how it'll work. I found a random card generator, so I'll be using that to deal out hands fairly. Games will proceed according to standard rules for that game.Feel free to threadjack and have games with more than two players if you want!))

15 [Voice]

Mar. 9th, 2011 01:36 pm
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[It's been a week since his group and so many others had returned from the Southern Farmlands... Since they returned from the heat of war. Some people died out there, both friend and foe, and many more were injured. Of course, Gold knows that all too well. Masaomi broke his ankle out there, and Gold's been accommodating him in his house ever since they got back.]

So, everyone's holdin' up alright after last week, right? Man, between that and that damn experiment, February was way too busy for my tastes.

But... You know, part of me really kinda misses that place we were stayin' in for the battles now. A sweet room with anything we could possibly ask for, and a giant robot to fight in? Hey, if goin' back there means gettin' all that back, then sign me up already! Sure beats this dump, at any rate.

[And now for some conversations directed at certain people. Fuck yo' filters, he doesn't need them.]

...Speakin' of, they... didn't let you keep Gurren Lagann, huh, Simon? ...Oh, and, uhh... Oi, Mikado, Frey. I got a proposition for you two, if you're willin' to listen.

14 [Action]

Feb. 7th, 2011 02:25 pm
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[So it's been snowing in Luceti pretty heavily the past couple days, right? Right. Most people seem to prefer to stay inside and avoid the snow. That shit's cold, man.

...But not everyone. Gold is one such case. If you pass through the plaza today, you will discover some... interesting snowmen built by him, such as this charming fellow on one of the benches, or this behemoth, laying in front of the Seventh Heaven, as if to bar access to the restaurant in typical Snorlax fashion. (It's really not, if you look closely.) There's even a figure that may look familiar to some off to the side of the weapons shop, complete with snow pipe. It's clear that he's spent a lot of time on these. Having a couple assistants in the form of his Pokémon helps too, though.

...Perhaps most, erm... interesting, however, is this this little number, situated right in front of the fountain. Try not to trip over its... extra appendage.

And where is the perpetrator, you ask? He's working on another project in front of the schoolhouse. Of course, this one is far from finished, currently resembling little more than a massive mound of snow.

He is also not dressed for this weather, with the only addition to his usual attire being a pair of gloves. Snow is cold, you know. How will you react to this situation?
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[It's been several days since the experiment started. Gold was beginning to think he was in the clear. After all, he hadn't changed at all, even for a second.

...Someday, he'll learn it's never quite that simple. He woke up today and sleepily trotted off to the bathroom, ready to start his day. He sleepily blinked and stared at the mirror for a moment, before realizing he definitely was not himself. Worse yet, he knows who he is. At that moment, his journal clicks on, as if to spite him. His voice sounds womanly, like someone in their late 20s, and definitely NOT like someone who would be speaking this way.

Aw, come on! You gotta be kiddin' me! What kinda sick joke is this?

[Later that day, a 'woman' can be seen heading towards the plaza, presumably towards the Seventh Heaven for lunch. Like hell 'she' was about to let this experiment ruin 'her' day. Feel free to intercept 'her'.

Even if 'she' is actually Gold. Seriously, how's a guy supposed to enjoy being a woman when that woman is his mom?
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[The village was noisy. Like, really. Dealing with it yesterday was fine; It wasn't too bad early on in the day. But today they seem to be out in full force, making a huge racket everywhere in the village.

So, starting to get fed up with it since they're interrupting his sleep, Gold opens the door of his house, his Pokémon peeking around the doorframe on either side of him. He steps out onto the stoop of his house and shouts at the top of his lungs.

HEY! Shut up out there! Some of us are tryin' to sleep! Save the noise-makin' for more sane hours of the day!

[Be looks pretty annoyed.]
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[Filtered to self | Written | 15% unhackable] )

[As the recording kicks on, the voice on the other end seems to lack its usual energy, sounding considerably more tired and strained. He doesn't sound like his usual self, at least.]

Hard to believe it's just the three of us now... Who knows how long that'll last...

[He then perks up a bit, though anyone who knows him well enough or can tell these kinds of things would be able to notice it's forced.]

Man... What a couple of crazy weeks, huh? I've never seen anything happen like that here before! But... Is it just me, or did some of that stuff seem kinda familiar?


...Hey, anybody in this village know anything about electricity? I got a project for you involvin' the Rec Center.
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[Gold was sitting by the fountain today, perched on its edge. The journal's nearby and (unbeknown to him) recording. He appears to be fiddling with a device on his wrist.]

Dammit... Why isn't it working? It was workin' just fine yesterday! Come on... These things are supposed to get a signal anywhere! [Try as he might, though, he's never going to get a signal.]

((ooc: So Gold's been put into an AU where he was kidnapped and raised as a masked child instead of Silver. Just like Silver, he eventually escapes from the Mask of Ice and begins planning his move against him, first stealing a Cyndaquil and a Pokédex, and then working on gaining power and information to take him down. He also doesn't have memories of his time in Luceti, having been also aged down to the age of 11. Responses will come from [livejournal.com profile] notamaskedkid.))

09 [Voice]

Oct. 22nd, 2010 04:49 pm
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....So, do you guys do Halloween in this place? You know, parties, costumes, trick-or-treating, thrills and chills? The whole nine yards! So, somethin' happens here for it, riiight?

[Filtered to Silver]

Hey, Silver, you lookin' for a battle? I found a guy who needs to be put in his place, and you're the man for the job.

[Filtered to Ash]

Yo, Ash! You're ready for that battle, right? The stage is set, and your opponent's good to go!
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Hey, Wild Child! I hope you're ready for us to throw down! We'll settle this in the plaza, so be there!


[Better watch where you tread in the plaza today, my friends, for today, there is a Pokémon battle going on. Better watch for that rogue Flamethrower heading your way, or that armored dinorhino thing that likes to shake things up! And you just might get wet from a Surf attack!

...Or you could, you know, decide to watch from the sidelines and cheer someone on. That works too. Whatever the case, POKÉMON BATTLE, GOOO!
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I got a favor to ask you guys again. Remember a couple months ago when I asked you all to keep an eye out for some Pokémon showing up here? Well, more of my friends showed up here, so I need some help lookin' for their Pokémon, 'specially with how many of them came this month.

I asked Yellow to draw some pictures.

Cut because whoamg image )

If you seen any of 'em, just give one of us a holler. My name's Gold if you need me!


[Anyone who happens to be in the vicinity today just may see Gold walking away from House 33, carrying a couch with the aid of a Typhlosion, as an Aipom and Politoed follow him carrying some boxes. Seems someone's moving!]

((ooc: The mini-plot's officially getting kicked off, so for those of you who want to still volunteer or need to remember what you're doing, the list is here!))

06 [Voice]

Aug. 17th, 2010 09:21 pm
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Let's see...

Guys are turnin' into girls... Check.

People are suddenly actin' way different than they should be... Check.

Village suffers massive earthquake, followed by monster apocalypse... Check.

Village is returned to normal as if absolutely nothing at all happened... Check.

And yet people are still actin' weird. So, anything else goin' on I should know about? Geez, you think you understand a place after five months... I guess not, huh?

[Filtered to Red]

Oi, Red. Sorry for the delay, but happy belated birthday. I had somethin' planned, but all this craziness kinda ruined it, I guess. Nothin' says a great birthday like an earthquake demolishing the house, right? I'll find some way to make it up to you later.

((ooc: Unaffected. Poor guy gets to watch the insanity unfold.))


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