15 [Voice]

Mar. 9th, 2011 01:36 pm
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[It's been a week since his group and so many others had returned from the Southern Farmlands... Since they returned from the heat of war. Some people died out there, both friend and foe, and many more were injured. Of course, Gold knows that all too well. Masaomi broke his ankle out there, and Gold's been accommodating him in his house ever since they got back.]

So, everyone's holdin' up alright after last week, right? Man, between that and that damn experiment, February was way too busy for my tastes.

But... You know, part of me really kinda misses that place we were stayin' in for the battles now. A sweet room with anything we could possibly ask for, and a giant robot to fight in? Hey, if goin' back there means gettin' all that back, then sign me up already! Sure beats this dump, at any rate.

[And now for some conversations directed at certain people. Fuck yo' filters, he doesn't need them.]

...Speakin' of, they... didn't let you keep Gurren Lagann, huh, Simon? ...Oh, and, uhh... Oi, Mikado, Frey. I got a proposition for you two, if you're willin' to listen.

14 [Action]

Feb. 7th, 2011 02:25 pm
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[So it's been snowing in Luceti pretty heavily the past couple days, right? Right. Most people seem to prefer to stay inside and avoid the snow. That shit's cold, man.

...But not everyone. Gold is one such case. If you pass through the plaza today, you will discover some... interesting snowmen built by him, such as this charming fellow on one of the benches, or this behemoth, laying in front of the Seventh Heaven, as if to bar access to the restaurant in typical Snorlax fashion. (It's really not, if you look closely.) There's even a figure that may look familiar to some off to the side of the weapons shop, complete with snow pipe. It's clear that he's spent a lot of time on these. Having a couple assistants in the form of his Pokémon helps too, though.

...Perhaps most, erm... interesting, however, is this this little number, situated right in front of the fountain. Try not to trip over its... extra appendage.

And where is the perpetrator, you ask? He's working on another project in front of the schoolhouse. Of course, this one is far from finished, currently resembling little more than a massive mound of snow.

He is also not dressed for this weather, with the only addition to his usual attire being a pair of gloves. Snow is cold, you know. How will you react to this situation?
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[It's been several days since the experiment started. Gold was beginning to think he was in the clear. After all, he hadn't changed at all, even for a second.

...Someday, he'll learn it's never quite that simple. He woke up today and sleepily trotted off to the bathroom, ready to start his day. He sleepily blinked and stared at the mirror for a moment, before realizing he definitely was not himself. Worse yet, he knows who he is. At that moment, his journal clicks on, as if to spite him. His voice sounds womanly, like someone in their late 20s, and definitely NOT like someone who would be speaking this way.

Aw, come on! You gotta be kiddin' me! What kinda sick joke is this?

[Later that day, a 'woman' can be seen heading towards the plaza, presumably towards the Seventh Heaven for lunch. Like hell 'she' was about to let this experiment ruin 'her' day. Feel free to intercept 'her'.

Even if 'she' is actually Gold. Seriously, how's a guy supposed to enjoy being a woman when that woman is his mom?
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[Filtered to self | Written | 15% unhackable] )

[As the recording kicks on, the voice on the other end seems to lack its usual energy, sounding considerably more tired and strained. He doesn't sound like his usual self, at least.]

Hard to believe it's just the three of us now... Who knows how long that'll last...

[He then perks up a bit, though anyone who knows him well enough or can tell these kinds of things would be able to notice it's forced.]

Man... What a couple of crazy weeks, huh? I've never seen anything happen like that here before! But... Is it just me, or did some of that stuff seem kinda familiar?


...Hey, anybody in this village know anything about electricity? I got a project for you involvin' the Rec Center.

06 [Voice]

Aug. 17th, 2010 09:21 pm
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Let's see...

Guys are turnin' into girls... Check.

People are suddenly actin' way different than they should be... Check.

Village suffers massive earthquake, followed by monster apocalypse... Check.

Village is returned to normal as if absolutely nothing at all happened... Check.

And yet people are still actin' weird. So, anything else goin' on I should know about? Geez, you think you understand a place after five months... I guess not, huh?

[Filtered to Red]

Oi, Red. Sorry for the delay, but happy belated birthday. I had somethin' planned, but all this craziness kinda ruined it, I guess. Nothin' says a great birthday like an earthquake demolishing the house, right? I'll find some way to make it up to you later.

((ooc: Unaffected. Poor guy gets to watch the insanity unfold.))
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I got something to say, so listen up.

In my world, there are these creatures, called Pokemon. There are all kinds of them, and we live alongside them, helpin' each other.

Me and my friends, we're called Pokemon Trainers. We capture these guys, and train and raise them as our partners, workin' together to do all kinds of things! It's really cool, and there are tons of trainers back home!

But that's not the point! You see, yesterday, my bud Red and I, we found some of our Pokemon here! So, you see, we're thinkin' maybe some of our others will show up too! How about some of you help us keep an eye out for them? It doesn't take much to recognize them; they don't look like the animals here at all. If you see one of them, please don't attack it! Just let us know where it's at. They can be dangerous when attacked, and believe me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of a Typhlosion's Flamethrower!

If you really need to know what they look like, I'll, uhh... I'll ask Yellow to draw some pictures of them. So, uhh... Thanks.

[Much later, he links Yellow's entry, depicting the Pokemon.]


[Following that announcement, Gold (hopefully along with his housemates) can be seen behind House 33, next to the river, armed with a shovel as he digs away in the ground, a green frog-thing, a blue muscly tadpole-like thing, and a large brown rat watching them. Dirt gets tossed to the side with every stroke, the creatures watching patiently, as if waiting for something.]

((So, as stated, your characters are free to help them locate their Pokemon at any point. We've got it planned out which ones are going to appear, so if you'd like to help, just message one of us and we'll let you know what you can do. We've got a lot to find, after all, so don't be afraid to ask!))

02 [Voice]

Mar. 25th, 2010 03:47 pm
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So I haven't been here too long, but I've been thinkin'...

Now that this place has electricity, you need to do something with it! I vote that we built some kinda hangout here! You know, with TVs to watch and couches to sit on and relax, and with a pool table! Just a prime spot to chill together at!

What do you guys say? Pretty awesome idea, right?


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