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So, I think we established that nobody remembers what happened this weekend, right? Right. So let's just not worry about it, okay? It's in the past, and no one knows, so who cares? If no one even knows about it, do we really even have to say it happened? Let's just move on and focus on rememberin' what happens from hereon!

So, that said, I was kinda wonderin'... How many of you have video games in your world?


[Later that day... Gold didn't exactly know what compelled him to visit the northwestern half of the village today. Not that there was anything wrong with the area, but there was nothing there. Just a bunch of house, and a huge tree. No places to hang out or anything. Maybe just boredom? Wanderlust? Curiosity? It was something.

...And yet, here he was, staring at this house. Was this house always here? How did he never notice it before? You'd think a guy would notice such a huge house in the village. Was someone living in it? It looked like it was recently abandoned... Well, only one way to find out, right?

[Filtered to House 15 residents]
[Sometime later, after investigating that house...]

Dude, you guys... You gotta come check this out, quick!


[And thus he waits near the bridge by House 15 for them to come. Of course, someone is free to catch him there while he waits and find out exactly what he's up to.]
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[It was December 22nd, and to Gold, that meant one thing--

...Okay, two things. The first was that Christmas was drawing near. And Christmas meant presents, and presents are always good. Preeeseeeeents.

But the second was potentially more important to Gold. December 24th was Silver's birthday. There was no way he could let Silver's birthday go uncelebrated; no matter how much the latter might protest. Time to plot. To the journal!

[Filtered away from Silver | 100% unhackable | It's probably only unhackable due to stupid luck.]

So, you guys know my buddy Silver, right? Long red hair, pale eyes, with a a look on his face that he couldn't give a Rattata's ass about anything? Yeah, that guy.

I'm throwin' him a birthday party on the 24th. Since that's, y'know, his birthday! I don't think he's ever actually had a birthday party in his life. Anyway, he doesn't really have a lot of friends here yet. It's kinda his nature to try and seclude himself from people. But all he needs is a push! So it'd really mean a hell of a lot to him--and to me--if people came to celebrate his birthday.

...Not that he'll admit it, of course. He'll just tsun out over it. That's also his nature.


So, you guys think anything big'll happen still this month? The Mallies seem pretty keen on hitting the big Earth holidays, after all! I mean, we got the lights strung up all over the place, but there's way more to Christmas than some pretty lights and a piece of mistletoe here and there! Don'tcha think so?
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[It was one week ago Gold had been yanked from Luceti, taken off to be personally experimented on like so many before him. It was so typical, really. Big things happen around Gold, and he has to play clean-up. He tries to play clean-up, and the Malnosso get in the way. And once they're all done with him, they ditch him somewhere random in Luceti. Friggin' Malnosso.

Gold sat on the ground in his spot in the forest when he regained consciousness, right where they dumped him. Eventually, though, he grabs his journal, attempting to send a message.

What follows is not a message, but just... failed attempts at sounds.

... ... ...! ...

[This goes on for about 30 seconds, before there's the sound of a fist colliding with the bark of a tree. Probably the most discernible noise on the entire broadcast.

Okay, talking isn't going to work. Let's try a different approach. Writing. Gold hated writing. It was so much more work than straight up talking. But there's nothing he can do about it right now.


Need help. Come quick.

- Gold

[Yeah... That'll work. Keep it short and simple. He can explain later, once someone comes.]

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[The journal clicks on, and Gold appears on the other end. He appears to be rather dirty, and he has a shovel slung over his shoulder. His goggles are pulled down over his eyes, presumably related to the aforementioned dirt and shovel.]

Hey, anybody know where I can find some cement? Preferably not dried. You know, the powdery stuff you have to mix and pour!

[Outside all day, along the river between houses 15 and 16, there is Gold, digging a large hole in the ground. A large green frog and small purple monkey seem to be curously watching him, while the even larger fire badger thing has decided to instead sleep in and soak up the sunlight, ignoring what its trainer is doing instead. Gold appears to be carelessly tossing the dirt behind him so that it inevitably collects on the path. Try not to trip over the pile or get hit by flying dirt, especially if you decide to stop and gawk at what he's doing.]

15 [Voice]

Mar. 9th, 2011 01:36 pm
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[It's been a week since his group and so many others had returned from the Southern Farmlands... Since they returned from the heat of war. Some people died out there, both friend and foe, and many more were injured. Of course, Gold knows that all too well. Masaomi broke his ankle out there, and Gold's been accommodating him in his house ever since they got back.]

So, everyone's holdin' up alright after last week, right? Man, between that and that damn experiment, February was way too busy for my tastes.

But... You know, part of me really kinda misses that place we were stayin' in for the battles now. A sweet room with anything we could possibly ask for, and a giant robot to fight in? Hey, if goin' back there means gettin' all that back, then sign me up already! Sure beats this dump, at any rate.

[And now for some conversations directed at certain people. Fuck yo' filters, he doesn't need them.]

...Speakin' of, they... didn't let you keep Gurren Lagann, huh, Simon? ...Oh, and, uhh... Oi, Mikado, Frey. I got a proposition for you two, if you're willin' to listen.

14 [Action]

Feb. 7th, 2011 02:25 pm
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[So it's been snowing in Luceti pretty heavily the past couple days, right? Right. Most people seem to prefer to stay inside and avoid the snow. That shit's cold, man.

...But not everyone. Gold is one such case. If you pass through the plaza today, you will discover some... interesting snowmen built by him, such as this charming fellow on one of the benches, or this behemoth, laying in front of the Seventh Heaven, as if to bar access to the restaurant in typical Snorlax fashion. (It's really not, if you look closely.) There's even a figure that may look familiar to some off to the side of the weapons shop, complete with snow pipe. It's clear that he's spent a lot of time on these. Having a couple assistants in the form of his Pokémon helps too, though.

...Perhaps most, erm... interesting, however, is this this little number, situated right in front of the fountain. Try not to trip over its... extra appendage.

And where is the perpetrator, you ask? He's working on another project in front of the schoolhouse. Of course, this one is far from finished, currently resembling little more than a massive mound of snow.

He is also not dressed for this weather, with the only addition to his usual attire being a pair of gloves. Snow is cold, you know. How will you react to this situation?
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[Filtered to self | Written | 15% unhackable] )

[As the recording kicks on, the voice on the other end seems to lack its usual energy, sounding considerably more tired and strained. He doesn't sound like his usual self, at least.]

Hard to believe it's just the three of us now... Who knows how long that'll last...

[He then perks up a bit, though anyone who knows him well enough or can tell these kinds of things would be able to notice it's forced.]

Man... What a couple of crazy weeks, huh? I've never seen anything happen like that here before! But... Is it just me, or did some of that stuff seem kinda familiar?


...Hey, anybody in this village know anything about electricity? I got a project for you involvin' the Rec Center.
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I got a favor to ask you guys again. Remember a couple months ago when I asked you all to keep an eye out for some Pokémon showing up here? Well, more of my friends showed up here, so I need some help lookin' for their Pokémon, 'specially with how many of them came this month.

I asked Yellow to draw some pictures.

Cut because whoamg image )

If you seen any of 'em, just give one of us a holler. My name's Gold if you need me!


[Anyone who happens to be in the vicinity today just may see Gold walking away from House 33, carrying a couch with the aid of a Typhlosion, as an Aipom and Politoed follow him carrying some boxes. Seems someone's moving!]

((ooc: The mini-plot's officially getting kicked off, so for those of you who want to still volunteer or need to remember what you're doing, the list is here!))


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