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Apr. 13th, 2012 06:49 am
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[The journal clicks on, and lo, it is Gold. Needless to say, he probably seems a lot more like "himself" to the careful observers who were paying attention these past few weeks than before. And to the rest? Well, you just see Gold.]

I swear, that was the longest three weeks of my life. Stuck like that, that stuff goin' down at the dome, watchin' everyone lose their minds... Geez, talk about your crap timing. Damn mallies...

Of course, the real kicker here is that while all this was goin' on, I miss out on April Fool's Day! That's my day! Man, and no one else even busted out some sweet pranks, either... Bit too late to go plannin' that now. [A groan. Definitely too late for that, especially with Masaomi off doing only God knows what. He needs his partners in crime for this, after all.

All this craziness that went on brings something to mind for Gold, however.

Hey, I want a rolecall here. All Pokémon trainers here in Luceti, report in! Gotta get an idea of who's still lurkin' around here, after all. That includes you newbies we inducted, too! [Gotta make sure everyone's present and accounted for... Have to make sure that no one's... missing...

...Something's off in the house. Something's missing.

...Anybody seen Mewtwo? Y'know, tall, furry, tail longer than an Arbok? Could melt your brain with a single thought if he wanted to? That one. Haven't seen around since that little experiment came to a close.

...Dammit, don't tell me he's...
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[The plaza is empty today, quiet, as the snow continues to bear down on the village on day four of the November snowstorm. Not a soul can be seen. Near the entrance of the plaza, at the four-way intersection, there are two large piles of snow, one on the left and one on the right. It seems so... normal.

Of course, this is Luceti. There's no such thing as "normal". The moment someone comes near the plaza, a snowball comes flying out from one of the two snow piles. Afterwards, the ones responsible reveal themselves, stepping up from behind the snow piles.

Ready, Red? Let's get 'em!

Heh! You don't even need to ask. I've been waiting for this all day, Gold.

[You have just entered into a snowball war with Gold and [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter. What do?]

((ooc: Joint post with [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter! That's all I do these days, I guess. Order will follow as You > Gold > Red. Threadjacking is also totally allowed, and even encouraged!))
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[July 21st. That was Gold's birthday. At least, back home it was. In Luceti... It didn't really matter. It was a fact only a few of his friends in Luceti knew, and he doubted any of them would try and throw him a party or anything of the sort. Just didn't seem their style.

...He didn't want to be reminded he was 15 in Luceti now, anyway.

With a click, the journal turns on.

...So, anybody know anything about remodelin' houses? Mine's gettin' pretty cramped now and I'm runnin' out of couches to throw everyone on. I'd rather not have to kick half these guys out, 'cause I kinda like havin' them around, y'know? Just add a second floor, or maybe even a basement'll do!

Geez... This house ain't meant to hold this many people...

[A pause, and then...]

...So, hey! Here's a question. What kinda things you guys like to do in the summer for fun? Me, I'm pretty big on hittin' my skateboard and goin' for a ride! I could also totally go for a trip to the beach, though. Summer's half-over and I haven't even gone once yet!

[Filtered to Anri | 60% unhackable]

Hey, I gotta ask you somethin'.
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I got something to say, so listen up.

In my world, there are these creatures, called Pokemon. There are all kinds of them, and we live alongside them, helpin' each other.

Me and my friends, we're called Pokemon Trainers. We capture these guys, and train and raise them as our partners, workin' together to do all kinds of things! It's really cool, and there are tons of trainers back home!

But that's not the point! You see, yesterday, my bud Red and I, we found some of our Pokemon here! So, you see, we're thinkin' maybe some of our others will show up too! How about some of you help us keep an eye out for them? It doesn't take much to recognize them; they don't look like the animals here at all. If you see one of them, please don't attack it! Just let us know where it's at. They can be dangerous when attacked, and believe me, you do not want to be on the receiving end of a Typhlosion's Flamethrower!

If you really need to know what they look like, I'll, uhh... I'll ask Yellow to draw some pictures of them. So, uhh... Thanks.

[Much later, he links Yellow's entry, depicting the Pokemon.]


[Following that announcement, Gold (hopefully along with his housemates) can be seen behind House 33, next to the river, armed with a shovel as he digs away in the ground, a green frog-thing, a blue muscly tadpole-like thing, and a large brown rat watching them. Dirt gets tossed to the side with every stroke, the creatures watching patiently, as if waiting for something.]

((So, as stated, your characters are free to help them locate their Pokemon at any point. We've got it planned out which ones are going to appear, so if you'd like to help, just message one of us and we'll let you know what you can do. We've got a lot to find, after all, so don't be afraid to ask!))

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May. 25th, 2010 12:53 pm
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[The journal clicks on. There's the sound of someone chewing on the other end, and a bit of sauce drips on the page. Seems he found a plate of burgers on the table. They're a bit cold, but nothing a little heating up in the microwave can't handle. Good thing he comes from a modern world that knows how to use them, huh?

Finally, he has to pause in between burgers, in order to stifle a yawn. Looks like he woke up not too long ago. Soon after, he takes a bite of a burger, and begins to speak.

You know... [A swallow, and there's another drip.] I feel like I just woke up from a really bad dream. But since I'm still here, it feels like one of those cases where you just woke up from a dream you were having in a dream. You know, like you see in cartoons sometimes!

[Nom again, then swallow.] But this place is real, isn't it? Luceti's no dream, as much as I'd love to just wake up in my own bed, surrounded by my partners, as my mom makes breakfast. Ah well...


...These burgers need more kick to them.

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Mar. 25th, 2010 03:47 pm
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So I haven't been here too long, but I've been thinkin'...

Now that this place has electricity, you need to do something with it! I vote that we built some kinda hangout here! You know, with TVs to watch and couches to sit on and relax, and with a pool table! Just a prime spot to chill together at!

What do you guys say? Pretty awesome idea, right?


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