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Action for House 15 or unfortunate passerby/neighbors. )

[Immediately after that argument, Gold began his recording, Silver still nearby.]

So, Luceti, quick question. Do you think it's normal to sleep with and lounge all over and shower with your sibling on a regular basis?

((ooc: Joint post! Replies will come from both Gold and [livejournal.com profile] tsuntrader in an order of You > Gold > Silver unless otherwise stated!))

03 [Voice]

May. 25th, 2010 12:53 pm
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[The journal clicks on. There's the sound of someone chewing on the other end, and a bit of sauce drips on the page. Seems he found a plate of burgers on the table. They're a bit cold, but nothing a little heating up in the microwave can't handle. Good thing he comes from a modern world that knows how to use them, huh?

Finally, he has to pause in between burgers, in order to stifle a yawn. Looks like he woke up not too long ago. Soon after, he takes a bite of a burger, and begins to speak.

You know... [A swallow, and there's another drip.] I feel like I just woke up from a really bad dream. But since I'm still here, it feels like one of those cases where you just woke up from a dream you were having in a dream. You know, like you see in cartoons sometimes!

[Nom again, then swallow.] But this place is real, isn't it? Luceti's no dream, as much as I'd love to just wake up in my own bed, surrounded by my partners, as my mom makes breakfast. Ah well...


...These burgers need more kick to them.
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[There is a long, drawn out yawn, as if someone had just woken up. A few moments pass, with the sound of leaves and grass crinkling in the background, before the journal is lifted up. He's yet to realize it's on and running.

A sigh. Then he starts musing to himself.

You know, I'd think this is one of those crazy dreams where I think I woke up half-naked in a random forest on the outskirts of a town, but... This is way too real to be a dream.

...Who the hell strips a guy and dumps him in the middle of the woods? I doubt I sleepwalked to Cherrygrove. I wouldn't be able to get out of my room without waking the pokemon...

...Why is it so cold for the middle of June?


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