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[Video A]
[It was a delayed effect the draft had on Gold. He'd been on numerous drafts before, and thanks to a combination of cunning, strategy, and a lot of luck, he always pulled through fine without an issue. Not without his fair share of injuries, but always without casualties.

But something was different about this one. Even besides how sloppy everything turned out, one thing in particular hit really hard. Crystal lost one of her Pokémon on this draft, and it didn't look like he was coming back, either. Originally, it only particularly weighed on him because he neglected to be there helping her. She was new to this. She wasn't experienced with the drafts like he and Silver were. But then a different feeling began to overwhelm that, once that guilt subsided. The sudden realization that she's not the only one it could happen to.

No matter how much luck and skill he demonstrates out there, there's always the chance one of his Pokémon could get killed, just like Archy did. Just like that, he could lose Explotaro, or Togetaro... or even Aitaro. The idea of losing one of his trusted partners hurt even more than the idea of losing one of his friends. And that was why he had to find a way to get stronger, to be able to stand on his own two legs and fight with his own two hands, without having to rely on his Pokémon to fight his battles for him all the time.

Albeit with hesitation, he makes a post to the journals.

Anybody out there who might be able to teach me how to fight?

[He hopes there's someone willing and able.]
[Video B (accidental)/Action]
[Following that little excursion, Gold took to the rec center, hoping to distract himself with a little game of pool. He sat the journal on the edge of the pool table, keeping it nearby if he got any responses.

And then suddenly it happens. While lining up a particularly tricky shot, everything just suddenly vanishes. The pool table, the pinball machines, the table tennis, all the furniture... and the building itself. Gone, in an instant. Gold misses his shot due to the shot no longer existing, causing him to nearly stumble forward due to losing his balance from supporting himself against the table. The journal falls to the ground and opens up to a blank page, starting recording just in time to catch Gold's reaction.

Wh--... What the hell just happened?! It... It's gone!

[If running into him in person, feel free to catch him either before or after the rec center disappears.]
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[It was a fairly typical day in Luceti. The weather was starting to improve. Not by much yet, but it was improving. The snow had been starting to melt, it's steadily getting warmer...

...And people were starting to arrive in Luceti again. New faces, old faces, even long-forgotten faces. And on this particular day, it's the second of these that can be spotted passing through the village, as a boy with messy black hair in New Feather garb floats through the plaza seated atop... a strange flying white bird?

Doesn't look like this place's changed a bit, huh, Togetaro? ...Oh, right, I guess you wouldn't know. Well, whatever! Come on, onward, in that direction! [He gives a forceful point in the direction of the shops. His memories were a bit fuzzy, but he thankfully remembered enough to know how to get back to the village and get his stuff.]


[After retrieving his things, Gold decides to hit up the journal.]

So, how long was I gone from this place? And you guys better not've given away my room, you hear me?
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A bunch of not really important action stuff to set the mood for this post. )


Hey, tell this moron here [briefly flashing the journal in Silver's direction] that pirates are best!



Silver grabs Gold's journal and shoves him over before pointing it right at his stupid best friend.
] Or you can tell this loser that ninjas are so much better!

You take that back!

You heard me! Only a loser would like pirates!

And only a moron would like ninjas!





[At this point, Gold drops the journal and dives at Silver, causing the book to close and the feed to end.

Aww, here it goes again.

((ooc: Joint post with Gold and Silver! Order will go either Gold > Silver > you, or Silver > Gold > You!))
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So, I think we established that nobody remembers what happened this weekend, right? Right. So let's just not worry about it, okay? It's in the past, and no one knows, so who cares? If no one even knows about it, do we really even have to say it happened? Let's just move on and focus on rememberin' what happens from hereon!

So, that said, I was kinda wonderin'... How many of you have video games in your world?


[Later that day... Gold didn't exactly know what compelled him to visit the northwestern half of the village today. Not that there was anything wrong with the area, but there was nothing there. Just a bunch of house, and a huge tree. No places to hang out or anything. Maybe just boredom? Wanderlust? Curiosity? It was something.

...And yet, here he was, staring at this house. Was this house always here? How did he never notice it before? You'd think a guy would notice such a huge house in the village. Was someone living in it? It looked like it was recently abandoned... Well, only one way to find out, right?

[Filtered to House 15 residents]
[Sometime later, after investigating that house...]

Dude, you guys... You gotta come check this out, quick!


[And thus he waits near the bridge by House 15 for them to come. Of course, someone is free to catch him there while he waits and find out exactly what he's up to.]
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[The plaza is empty today, quiet, as the snow continues to bear down on the village on day four of the November snowstorm. Not a soul can be seen. Near the entrance of the plaza, at the four-way intersection, there are two large piles of snow, one on the left and one on the right. It seems so... normal.

Of course, this is Luceti. There's no such thing as "normal". The moment someone comes near the plaza, a snowball comes flying out from one of the two snow piles. Afterwards, the ones responsible reveal themselves, stepping up from behind the snow piles.

Ready, Red? Let's get 'em!

Heh! You don't even need to ask. I've been waiting for this all day, Gold.

[You have just entered into a snowball war with Gold and [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter. What do?]

((ooc: Joint post with [livejournal.com profile] couragefighter! That's all I do these days, I guess. Order will follow as You > Gold > Red. Threadjacking is also totally allowed, and even encouraged!))
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Action for House 15 or unfortunate passerby/neighbors. )

[Immediately after that argument, Gold began his recording, Silver still nearby.]

So, Luceti, quick question. Do you think it's normal to sleep with and lounge all over and shower with your sibling on a regular basis?

((ooc: Joint post! Replies will come from both Gold and [livejournal.com profile] tsuntrader in an order of You > Gold > Silver unless otherwise stated!))
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[The journal clicks on, and Gold appears on the other end. He appears to be rather dirty, and he has a shovel slung over his shoulder. His goggles are pulled down over his eyes, presumably related to the aforementioned dirt and shovel.]

Hey, anybody know where I can find some cement? Preferably not dried. You know, the powdery stuff you have to mix and pour!

[Outside all day, along the river between houses 15 and 16, there is Gold, digging a large hole in the ground. A large green frog and small purple monkey seem to be curously watching him, while the even larger fire badger thing has decided to instead sleep in and soak up the sunlight, ignoring what its trainer is doing instead. Gold appears to be carelessly tossing the dirt behind him so that it inevitably collects on the path. Try not to trip over the pile or get hit by flying dirt, especially if you decide to stop and gawk at what he's doing.]


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