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[It was a fairly typical day in Luceti. The weather was starting to improve. Not by much yet, but it was improving. The snow had been starting to melt, it's steadily getting warmer...

...And people were starting to arrive in Luceti again. New faces, old faces, even long-forgotten faces. And on this particular day, it's the second of these that can be spotted passing through the village, as a boy with messy black hair in New Feather garb floats through the plaza seated atop... a strange flying white bird?

Doesn't look like this place's changed a bit, huh, Togetaro? ...Oh, right, I guess you wouldn't know. Well, whatever! Come on, onward, in that direction! [He gives a forceful point in the direction of the shops. His memories were a bit fuzzy, but he thankfully remembered enough to know how to get back to the village and get his stuff.]


[After retrieving his things, Gold decides to hit up the journal.]

So, how long was I gone from this place? And you guys better not've given away my room, you hear me?
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A bunch of not really important action stuff to set the mood for this post. )


Hey, tell this moron here [briefly flashing the journal in Silver's direction] that pirates are best!



Silver grabs Gold's journal and shoves him over before pointing it right at his stupid best friend.
] Or you can tell this loser that ninjas are so much better!

You take that back!

You heard me! Only a loser would like pirates!

And only a moron would like ninjas!





[At this point, Gold drops the journal and dives at Silver, causing the book to close and the feed to end.

Aww, here it goes again.

((ooc: Joint post with Gold and Silver! Order will go either Gold > Silver > you, or Silver > Gold > You!))

25 [Video]

Mar. 15th, 2012 12:19 am
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[The journal turns on with a dull click, Gold musing to himself.]

Man... has it really been two years? [Oh, right, it's on. Right.] Hey, so here's a question. What-- [Gold's cut off, however, as a loud crash in heard in the background. It definitely didn't sound like an accident in the kitchen, no... It came from Silver's room!]

Huh?! [Bolting up and taking the journal with him, Gold darts off to Silver's room. ...Which is right next to his own, so it's not a far run. He doesn't stop to knock or even check to see if Silver's in there. He just busts right in.]

[It wouldn't be fair to say that the Hydro Cannon that manages to halt the droids in Silver's room for a few seconds -along with wrecking the contents of his room, punching out his wall like it's tissue paper, sending all of it and then some far out of the house- sounds like a fire fighter's hose. Not even turned up to eleven. Hell, a tidal wave doesn't even seem accurate. Regardless, the massive torrent of water is there, and Silver's not even waiting for it to finish before sprinting right out of his room.

Or, well, he would be, if Gold wasn't there.
] Move! [He couldn't sound more panicked if he tried.]

[Gold freezes up momentarily when he sees those droids. Those bastards have come... for Silver! Recovering from his hesitation, Gold is quick to grab Silver by the shirt and yank him towards the door to the outside.] C'mon, we gotta get outta here!

[Silver remains silent as Gold drags him outside. The droids are quick to regroup, however, as they close in on the duo. Whether Silver realizes it or not is up for debate, but Gold knows they're not getting out of this one.]

Guess this is the end of the line for us, huh? There's no use fightin' it now...

[To the random observer, someone might take this as Gold's surrender. Just giving up the ghost, as it were... But Silver knows better than that, letting out a faint smirk as he knows what's coming next.]

Nyeh! [Gold sticks his tongue out at the droids, taunting them. If they were capable of feeling, they'd surely feel enraged.] If you bought that, then you piles of scrap metal need to be sent back to the manufacturer! Silver, let's go!

[Gold tosses his journal high up into the air. As it tumbles down, it catches a feed of Gold and Silver's Pokémon being released and unleashing their best attacks on the droids, a terrifying Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon fired dead center on the droids, the others feeding their attacks into the twin assault to bolster them.

But the journal hits the ground and closes shut before the end result is ever seen.

Anyone who comes to investigate the scene, however, will see what that end result was. The smashed remains of some droid parts lay near the house. ...As do the unconscious bodies of six Pokémon, and one abandoned journal. Gold and Silver are nowhere in sight.

The droids came for one, but left with two. Beware the ides of March.
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So, I think we established that nobody remembers what happened this weekend, right? Right. So let's just not worry about it, okay? It's in the past, and no one knows, so who cares? If no one even knows about it, do we really even have to say it happened? Let's just move on and focus on rememberin' what happens from hereon!

So, that said, I was kinda wonderin'... How many of you have video games in your world?


[Later that day... Gold didn't exactly know what compelled him to visit the northwestern half of the village today. Not that there was anything wrong with the area, but there was nothing there. Just a bunch of house, and a huge tree. No places to hang out or anything. Maybe just boredom? Wanderlust? Curiosity? It was something.

...And yet, here he was, staring at this house. Was this house always here? How did he never notice it before? You'd think a guy would notice such a huge house in the village. Was someone living in it? It looked like it was recently abandoned... Well, only one way to find out, right?

[Filtered to House 15 residents]
[Sometime later, after investigating that house...]

Dude, you guys... You gotta come check this out, quick!


[And thus he waits near the bridge by House 15 for them to come. Of course, someone is free to catch him there while he waits and find out exactly what he's up to.]
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[It was December 22nd, and to Gold, that meant one thing--

...Okay, two things. The first was that Christmas was drawing near. And Christmas meant presents, and presents are always good. Preeeseeeeents.

But the second was potentially more important to Gold. December 24th was Silver's birthday. There was no way he could let Silver's birthday go uncelebrated; no matter how much the latter might protest. Time to plot. To the journal!

[Filtered away from Silver | 100% unhackable | It's probably only unhackable due to stupid luck.]

So, you guys know my buddy Silver, right? Long red hair, pale eyes, with a a look on his face that he couldn't give a Rattata's ass about anything? Yeah, that guy.

I'm throwin' him a birthday party on the 24th. Since that's, y'know, his birthday! I don't think he's ever actually had a birthday party in his life. Anyway, he doesn't really have a lot of friends here yet. It's kinda his nature to try and seclude himself from people. But all he needs is a push! So it'd really mean a hell of a lot to him--and to me--if people came to celebrate his birthday.

...Not that he'll admit it, of course. He'll just tsun out over it. That's also his nature.


So, you guys think anything big'll happen still this month? The Mallies seem pretty keen on hitting the big Earth holidays, after all! I mean, we got the lights strung up all over the place, but there's way more to Christmas than some pretty lights and a piece of mistletoe here and there! Don'tcha think so?
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Action for House 15 or unfortunate passerby/neighbors. )

[Immediately after that argument, Gold began his recording, Silver still nearby.]

So, Luceti, quick question. Do you think it's normal to sleep with and lounge all over and shower with your sibling on a regular basis?

((ooc: Joint post! Replies will come from both Gold and [livejournal.com profile] tsuntrader in an order of You > Gold > Silver unless otherwise stated!))
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[July 21st. That was Gold's birthday. At least, back home it was. In Luceti... It didn't really matter. It was a fact only a few of his friends in Luceti knew, and he doubted any of them would try and throw him a party or anything of the sort. Just didn't seem their style.

...He didn't want to be reminded he was 15 in Luceti now, anyway.

With a click, the journal turns on.

...So, anybody know anything about remodelin' houses? Mine's gettin' pretty cramped now and I'm runnin' out of couches to throw everyone on. I'd rather not have to kick half these guys out, 'cause I kinda like havin' them around, y'know? Just add a second floor, or maybe even a basement'll do!

Geez... This house ain't meant to hold this many people...

[A pause, and then...]

...So, hey! Here's a question. What kinda things you guys like to do in the summer for fun? Me, I'm pretty big on hittin' my skateboard and goin' for a ride! I could also totally go for a trip to the beach, though. Summer's half-over and I haven't even gone once yet!

[Filtered to Anri | 60% unhackable]

Hey, I gotta ask you somethin'.

18 [Voice]

Jun. 13th, 2011 06:40 pm
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[The journal clicks on, and Gold... is not looking too happy.]

Hey, whoever's bright idea it was to stash a chicken milk bomb in my house, you better watch your back. You've gotten yourself into a battle you got no chance of winning, you got that? Come clean and maybe we'll go easy on yo--

[Suddenly, there's a telltale crash. You know, that one that's commonly heard over the journals when the droids show up? Yeah, that one.]

...Tch, you guys... Well, I ain't goin' without a fight this time, so come at me! Get 'em, Explotaro!

[What follows is the sound of a brief scuffle, as Gold and his Pokémon engage the droids in battle, but it ends not long after it starts, the sound dying down as Gold's unconscious body is dragged away by the droids.

If housemates decide to investigate, they'll find the living room in disarray, Gold's Pokémon KOed on the ground, and Gold nowhere to be seen, as he's been mallynapped.

((ooc: Not gonna bother making an OOC post for this, but I'm going on slowatus for a bit, and getting Gold here out of the way because I have PLANS for him later. My others will be around, though!))
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[The journal clicks on, and Gold appears on the other end. He appears to be rather dirty, and he has a shovel slung over his shoulder. His goggles are pulled down over his eyes, presumably related to the aforementioned dirt and shovel.]

Hey, anybody know where I can find some cement? Preferably not dried. You know, the powdery stuff you have to mix and pour!

[Outside all day, along the river between houses 15 and 16, there is Gold, digging a large hole in the ground. A large green frog and small purple monkey seem to be curously watching him, while the even larger fire badger thing has decided to instead sleep in and soak up the sunlight, ignoring what its trainer is doing instead. Gold appears to be carelessly tossing the dirt behind him so that it inevitably collects on the path. Try not to trip over the pile or get hit by flying dirt, especially if you decide to stop and gawk at what he's doing.]


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