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[Near House 15, the Orphanage, a card table has been set up. Seated at one end of the table is Gold, shuffling a standard deck of playing cards. When someone comes near the table, Gold shouts out, in order to grab their attention:]

Come one, come all! Take a seat and play a game! Bet as much or as little as you want, you just might strike it big today! We got Blackjack and Poker here, so it's your choice! You might just become Luceti's next millionaire today!

[Is that person you today? Be warned, for Gold is a skilled gambler with far too much luck on his side for a kid.

Of course, the other residents of the orphanage might just have to wonder what the hell Gold's up to today.

((ooc: Okay, so here's how it'll work. I found a random card generator, so I'll be using that to deal out hands fairly. Games will proceed according to standard rules for that game.Feel free to threadjack and have games with more than two players if you want!))
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[It's been several days since the experiment started. Gold was beginning to think he was in the clear. After all, he hadn't changed at all, even for a second.

...Someday, he'll learn it's never quite that simple. He woke up today and sleepily trotted off to the bathroom, ready to start his day. He sleepily blinked and stared at the mirror for a moment, before realizing he definitely was not himself. Worse yet, he knows who he is. At that moment, his journal clicks on, as if to spite him. His voice sounds womanly, like someone in their late 20s, and definitely NOT like someone who would be speaking this way.

Aw, come on! You gotta be kiddin' me! What kinda sick joke is this?

[Later that day, a 'woman' can be seen heading towards the plaza, presumably towards the Seventh Heaven for lunch. Like hell 'she' was about to let this experiment ruin 'her' day. Feel free to intercept 'her'.

Even if 'she' is actually Gold. Seriously, how's a guy supposed to enjoy being a woman when that woman is his mom?


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