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[Gold can be found almost anywhere in the village. Catch him at the restaurant scarfing unquantifiable amounts of burgers, at the rec center shooting up a game of pool, or inside his house tending to his Pokémon.]


[Asbel will be found at the barracks training and working on his swordsmanship. Unless you're an old acquaintance of his, of course, in which case, he's already accosted you and dragged you off to catch up over tea at the tea shop. Or you may just find him at a rare moment in the house, playing with Tiger Festival, his pet cat.]


[Haru, meanwhile, is going to be absolutely excited at the prospect of all these new people showing up in the village. So many new faces to meet...! Which is why he's taking the opportunity to introduce him to each one he gets the chance to so he can make more friends.]

Hi, I'm Haru! Who're you?


[Or if you've got a different scenario in mind for any of these three, lay it on me!]
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[The village was noisy. Like, really. Dealing with it yesterday was fine; It wasn't too bad early on in the day. But today they seem to be out in full force, making a huge racket everywhere in the village.

So, starting to get fed up with it since they're interrupting his sleep, Gold opens the door of his house, his Pokémon peeking around the doorframe on either side of him. He steps out onto the stoop of his house and shouts at the top of his lungs.

HEY! Shut up out there! Some of us are tryin' to sleep! Save the noise-makin' for more sane hours of the day!

[Be looks pretty annoyed.]


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