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[Video A]
[It was a delayed effect the draft had on Gold. He'd been on numerous drafts before, and thanks to a combination of cunning, strategy, and a lot of luck, he always pulled through fine without an issue. Not without his fair share of injuries, but always without casualties.

But something was different about this one. Even besides how sloppy everything turned out, one thing in particular hit really hard. Crystal lost one of her Pokémon on this draft, and it didn't look like he was coming back, either. Originally, it only particularly weighed on him because he neglected to be there helping her. She was new to this. She wasn't experienced with the drafts like he and Silver were. But then a different feeling began to overwhelm that, once that guilt subsided. The sudden realization that she's not the only one it could happen to.

No matter how much luck and skill he demonstrates out there, there's always the chance one of his Pokémon could get killed, just like Archy did. Just like that, he could lose Explotaro, or Togetaro... or even Aitaro. The idea of losing one of his trusted partners hurt even more than the idea of losing one of his friends. And that was why he had to find a way to get stronger, to be able to stand on his own two legs and fight with his own two hands, without having to rely on his Pokémon to fight his battles for him all the time.

Albeit with hesitation, he makes a post to the journals.

Anybody out there who might be able to teach me how to fight?

[He hopes there's someone willing and able.]
[Video B (accidental)/Action]
[Following that little excursion, Gold took to the rec center, hoping to distract himself with a little game of pool. He sat the journal on the edge of the pool table, keeping it nearby if he got any responses.

And then suddenly it happens. While lining up a particularly tricky shot, everything just suddenly vanishes. The pool table, the pinball machines, the table tennis, all the furniture... and the building itself. Gone, in an instant. Gold misses his shot due to the shot no longer existing, causing him to nearly stumble forward due to losing his balance from supporting himself against the table. The journal falls to the ground and opens up to a blank page, starting recording just in time to catch Gold's reaction.

Wh--... What the hell just happened?! It... It's gone!

[If running into him in person, feel free to catch him either before or after the rec center disappears.]


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