mischiefbreeder: (☀ Hmmm?)
Gold ([personal profile] mischiefbreeder) wrote2013-03-07 07:16 am

33 [Action/Video]

[It was a fairly typical day in Luceti. The weather was starting to improve. Not by much yet, but it was improving. The snow had been starting to melt, it's steadily getting warmer...

...And people were starting to arrive in Luceti again. New faces, old faces, even long-forgotten faces. And on this particular day, it's the second of these that can be spotted passing through the village, as a boy with messy black hair in New Feather garb floats through the plaza seated atop... a strange flying white bird?

Doesn't look like this place's changed a bit, huh, Togetaro? ...Oh, right, I guess you wouldn't know. Well, whatever! Come on, onward, in that direction! [He gives a forceful point in the direction of the shops. His memories were a bit fuzzy, but he thankfully remembered enough to know how to get back to the village and get his stuff.]


[After retrieving his things, Gold decides to hit up the journal.]

So, how long was I gone from this place? And you guys better not've given away my room, you hear me?

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