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POKÉMON TRAINER GOLD wants to fight!

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[It's been a couple days now since the last Shift had reached its conclusion. Gold had been wrapped in its effects like many others, having taken on the life of a university student. He waited a couple days for everything to settle down, but honestly couldn't hold it in any longer.]

Soooo... Was there somethin' we were actually supposed to take away from all that? Some moral, or experience? 'Cause all I learned is that I still really hate goin' to school. I didn't need some stupid Shift to tell me that.

[At least he didn't have to wake up this Monday to go to classes again. He might lose it if this place had permanently become a school.]



[Following that, Gold goes about his day, and so may be caught in one of several places. He starts out (after eating a well-balanced breakfast at House 11) doing some Pokémon training in the Battle Dome, taking advantage of and appreciating the fact that the place suddenly has doubled the number of rooms it has. He didn't even have to petition the Malnosso for it to happen. It's as if they heard their pleas for the Battle Dome to expand. ...But that's crazy, right? As if that could happen.

Following that, he may be found at the Rec Center. It's possible you may him engaging in his usual pursuits of billiards and pinball there, but more than likely, he'll be found sitting on the couch, staring at the back of his journal. The loud dull hum of white noise can be heard while he does this, as he fiddles with the brand new tablet that's been mysteriously added to their journals. Surely it has to have something that it's trying to broadcast besides this static... right?

Briefly following that, having gotten frustrated with the journal, he leaves the Rec Center and heads out into the plaza for some well-deserved skateboarding. It's clear the weather's starting to change after all, and he'd rather enjoy it while it lasts. Perhaps you'll run into him here. Hopefully not literally.

And then to wrap it up, he heads back to the Battle Dome in the evening, to meet up with his instructors Bulla, Aang, Ventus and/or Saori to continue their training together.
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[Video A]
[It was a delayed effect the draft had on Gold. He'd been on numerous drafts before, and thanks to a combination of cunning, strategy, and a lot of luck, he always pulled through fine without an issue. Not without his fair share of injuries, but always without casualties.

But something was different about this one. Even besides how sloppy everything turned out, one thing in particular hit really hard. Crystal lost one of her Pokémon on this draft, and it didn't look like he was coming back, either. Originally, it only particularly weighed on him because he neglected to be there helping her. She was new to this. She wasn't experienced with the drafts like he and Silver were. But then a different feeling began to overwhelm that, once that guilt subsided. The sudden realization that she's not the only one it could happen to.

No matter how much luck and skill he demonstrates out there, there's always the chance one of his Pokémon could get killed, just like Archy did. Just like that, he could lose Explotaro, or Togetaro... or even Aitaro. The idea of losing one of his trusted partners hurt even more than the idea of losing one of his friends. And that was why he had to find a way to get stronger, to be able to stand on his own two legs and fight with his own two hands, without having to rely on his Pokémon to fight his battles for him all the time.

Albeit with hesitation, he makes a post to the journals.

Anybody out there who might be able to teach me how to fight?

[He hopes there's someone willing and able.]
[Video B (accidental)/Action]
[Following that little excursion, Gold took to the rec center, hoping to distract himself with a little game of pool. He sat the journal on the edge of the pool table, keeping it nearby if he got any responses.

And then suddenly it happens. While lining up a particularly tricky shot, everything just suddenly vanishes. The pool table, the pinball machines, the table tennis, all the furniture... and the building itself. Gone, in an instant. Gold misses his shot due to the shot no longer existing, causing him to nearly stumble forward due to losing his balance from supporting himself against the table. The journal falls to the ground and opens up to a blank page, starting recording just in time to catch Gold's reaction.

Wh--... What the hell just happened?! It... It's gone!

[If running into him in person, feel free to catch him either before or after the rec center disappears.]
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[Gold can be found almost anywhere in the village. Catch him at the restaurant scarfing unquantifiable amounts of burgers, at the rec center shooting up a game of pool, or inside his house tending to his Pokémon.]


[Asbel will be found at the barracks training and working on his swordsmanship. Unless you're an old acquaintance of his, of course, in which case, he's already accosted you and dragged you off to catch up over tea at the tea shop. Or you may just find him at a rare moment in the house, playing with Tiger Festival, his pet cat.]


[Haru, meanwhile, is going to be absolutely excited at the prospect of all these new people showing up in the village. So many new faces to meet...! Which is why he's taking the opportunity to introduce him to each one he gets the chance to so he can make more friends.]

Hi, I'm Haru! Who're you?


[Or if you've got a different scenario in mind for any of these three, lay it on me!]
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[Gold had been off in the jungle for the past week or so, off attending to a mission with Silver. It was successful, minus some... bumps in the road, and they're just now returning to the village. As Gold rode into town, on top of the back of Explotaro, his trusty steed, the first thing that pops into his mind is to pull out his journal and make a post. Because that's obviously what you do when you first come back from a mission, right?]

Say, Cilan, think you can whip together a feast for us? Gotta say, the food I've had over the past week? Hardly what I'd call appetizing. I'm dyin' for a good meal right about now!

[There's silence for a bit, almost as if he's leaving it there.

But then he speaks up again.

So what's been goin' in this fine village? I've been gone for ten days, so I'd expect something to have happen during that time! No way this place is so dull that every day's just as boring at the one before it. Besides, there's this... ahh, weird feeling in the air? Dunno quite how to put it, but... Yeah!

Ah, well... Probably not much point to worrying about it now, unless someone's willing to come clean?

[A sigh.]

I know it's kinda late in the day, but anyone wanna meet up, and I dunno... do something? I've gotta find some way to unwind after all this mission junk. Otherwise, I might just explode.

35 [Video]

Jul. 7th, 2013 03:06 pm
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So it's that time of the month already, huh? Man, how time flies by. Seems like it was just a couple months ago we had new people showin' up, and now it's happening again! [A bit of crude humor on his part, as anyone who's been in Luceti for any decent length of time knows how often the New Feather cycles are.]

Aaaaanyway, I've got a bit of an announcement to make. [The feed shows a shot of him scratching his cheek as he ponders this announcement he's about to give.]

As I'm sure most of you remember, Hiccup went home some time ago, and he left behind a Pokémon I'd given him. [He shifts the camera to get a shot of Kyle, the three foot tall Fraxure.] I've been watchin' her for a while, but I'm thinkin' it's about time she found a new home--and a new trainer.

So! That's where you all come in! I'm lookin' for someone who'd seriously consider wantin' to be a Pokémon Trainer and be willing to keep raisin' ol' Kyle here. Any potential applicants'll be interviewed and schooled on what it takes, but only one'll get picked in the end! So who's it gonna be? One of you? Only one way to find out, right?

[The feed doesn't end there, though. The normal person would elect to set up a filter of some sort for this next part.

...Gold is not a normal person. Or maybe he's trying to draw attention to this part that should be a private thing. Who knows?

Hey Crys, I believe I asked you a question some time ago. I'm still waitin' for you to give me a real answer there! So what's it gonna be?
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[How long had it been? Gold wasn't entirely sure. The hours turned to days, and the days turned to weeks while he was in that place. He couldn't be sure how long he'd been gone or how long he was stuck in that stupid lab. All he could think about now was that he was back in the village.

Around him, he could hear the crashing of the waves against the shore. He could feel the coarse sand beneath his fingers as he laid sprawled out.

The beach, huh... Man, to leave me with a vacation after that ordeal? You guys are so hospitable... [He mused to no one in particular, but really hoped that perhaps the Malnosso were listening.

Finding the strength to at least sit up, Gold grabs his journal that was conveniently nearby, to broadcast a message.

Guess I'm back, guys. Hey, think I can get a hand or five here? I've never felt this sore in my whole life. It really kinda hurts to even move right now. [And that says a lot coming from a guy who gets blown up by dangerous beasts on a regular basis.

After that, he turns off his journal and just flops back on the sand. Yep, just gonna lay here.



[Sometime after Gold's managed to make it home courtesy of some kind soul, learned about how half of his friends had gone home, and had some time to rest up, he's out and about in the village. Previously, this sort of thing would have hit him hard. He'dve become sulky and put-out over the thought of his friends leaving him behind. But he refuses to become like that again. He won't let despair consume him like it did last time. Feel free to run into him almost anywhere in the village. Common spots include the restaurant, the rec center, the battle dome, and his friends in community building one, but he'll be wandering in the village in general if none of those spots work.]

((ooc: Gold's mallynap effect is special. Remember in the games when you'd try to ride your bike indoors or try to use a key item that you weren't supposed to, only to get greeted by those lovely words from the Professor, "There's a time and place for everything! But not now." or something to that effect? Well, that's what's literally will happen to Gold. He has a nondescript voice in his head for the duration of the effect that, when he tries to do or say something, there's a possibility it may prevent him from doing it, telling him why, like "it's not time" or "you can't do that here" or something like that.

There's also a certain degree of reality warping to it. For instance, if he tries to go through a doorway to meet someone on the other side, and it tells him "this door is locked", then he isn't getting through, even if it's clearly open, and neither is anyone else, at least as long as he's in the area or until it decides that the door is now open!))
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[It was a fairly typical day in Luceti. The weather was starting to improve. Not by much yet, but it was improving. The snow had been starting to melt, it's steadily getting warmer...

...And people were starting to arrive in Luceti again. New faces, old faces, even long-forgotten faces. And on this particular day, it's the second of these that can be spotted passing through the village, as a boy with messy black hair in New Feather garb floats through the plaza seated atop... a strange flying white bird?

Doesn't look like this place's changed a bit, huh, Togetaro? ...Oh, right, I guess you wouldn't know. Well, whatever! Come on, onward, in that direction! [He gives a forceful point in the direction of the shops. His memories were a bit fuzzy, but he thankfully remembered enough to know how to get back to the village and get his stuff.]


[After retrieving his things, Gold decides to hit up the journal.]

So, how long was I gone from this place? And you guys better not've given away my room, you hear me?
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[Normally, this is the sort of thing that would call for a filter. ...Gold however doesn't like to bother with filters. So he just makes his announcement public instead.]

Hey, all the trainers here in Luceti. Pokémon trainers that is! Remember how Yellow talked about arranging another Trainer Day like last year? Well, after some careful deliberation, we've picked a date! It's gonna go down this Saturday at the western lake! Just follow the river and you can't miss it! [Or, you know, ask one of them for a ride.] We'll have food, battles, training, and lots and lots of fun! So all of you make sure you're there, got it!?

...Oh, and if you wanna bring a friend along, that's cool too.


[After his announcement, Gold can be found in the plaza, visiting the various shops. Since it's only a couple days away, he's decided it'd be a good to take note of what sort of supplies they'll need to take along, mostly in the way of food. Feel free to catch him at any of the shops to chat him up.]
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[Gold took a look outside when he woke up, greeted by the sight of so many new faces in Luceti, some familiar, and some... not so much. Whatever the case, he wasn't about to let it interfere with his day. It was just another crazy day in Luceti, that's all.

With that said, Gold got dressed and went about his day, doing his training at the battle dome, grabbing a bite to eat at Seventh Heaven, and then taking up residence at the Rec Center for the rest of the day.

[Asbel is similarly undeterred, though when he spots a familiar face, he's more proactive in seeking them out. He hasn't quite gotten to the point of being bitter about friends coming and going from this world. At some point, he hits up the barracks to do sword practice.]

[As for Haru, who's never even so much as vaguely experienced anything like this happening? He becomes very gung-ho about running up to all the new faces that have suddenly appeared in Luceti, running up to each that he spots, greeting them enthusiastically and seeing if there's something he can do to help them.]

((ooc: Catch-all post, specify who you want!))
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[Another year in Luceti's gone by. Another year away from home. Another year of Luceti's crazy shenanigans. Another year all culminating in the year "Christmas" Shift that happens in the village. Every year, without fail. Gold had been in the village long enough to notice at least this. It was interesting how despite people hailing from so many worlds, so many of them were equally familiar with Christmas.

Just why was that? Did they all come to learn of the holiday from Luceti? Or... do they all just happen to have the same holiday? But how? How could so many people from so many different worlds have the same holiday?! It just seemed like it couldn't be possible!

...Unless... Yeah, that had to be it. Aliens did it. That's obviously the reason! But enough of that insight into Gold's mind. 'Tis a frightening place to experience for extended periods of time.

So, anybody end up gettin' anything sweet this year for the holiday? It was an ordeal puttin' up with those damn elves, but I think it really ended up payin' off! I got a real taste of home from this one, haha!

Oh, hey, speakin' of! Hey, showy guy! Uhh... [crap what's his name again...] ...Cilan! Hey, you're good at cookin', right?! 'Cause I got a task for you that might be right up your alley, then! And in the meantime we can get that battle underway! Sounds good, right?
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A bunch of not really important action stuff to set the mood for this post. )


Hey, tell this moron here [briefly flashing the journal in Silver's direction] that pirates are best!



Silver grabs Gold's journal and shoves him over before pointing it right at his stupid best friend.
] Or you can tell this loser that ninjas are so much better!

You take that back!

You heard me! Only a loser would like pirates!

And only a moron would like ninjas!





[At this point, Gold drops the journal and dives at Silver, causing the book to close and the feed to end.

Aww, here it goes again.

((ooc: Joint post with Gold and Silver! Order will go either Gold > Silver > you, or Silver > Gold > You!))
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[It wasn't unheard of for Gold to go barging into his housemate's rooms. On the contrary, it was something he did with relative frequency. Never with any sort of malicious intent, mind you. He just never really bothered with the whole knocking thing. It was his house, and they were his friends, so why bother?

This was one of those times, as he barged into Crys' room.

Hey Crys, I-

[The moment he steps in, he can tell something's wrong. Anyone with eyes could, honestly. The room was completely bare. Sure, Crys kept her room organized, albeit with research materials everywhere, but this room was empty, save for just a pair of goggles, and a box containing a bunch of letters tucked underneath the desk. Letters addressed to all of Crys' friends--Silver, Red, Green, Yellow, Ruby, Ingo, other friends Crys had made in Luceti, and, of course... Himself. It was clear what this was. He grabbed the letters and set off to drop those letters off at the doorways of the people they were meant for, not even daring to open his own until later.

He didn't want to face the grim truth it contained, even though he already knew.


[Sometime later, he makes an announcement over the journal. Just a simple one.]

Crys went home, back to our world. She left behind some letters for her friends. Sorry.

[The feed ends there.]

[And then for the rest of the day, Gold opts to just sit in the corner of his room, Crys' goggles sitting in his lap, half-staring at the space where the walls intersect, and half-staring at the letter she wrote him.

He knows he'll see her again someday when he goes home, so... why does it hurt?
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[It was still early in the morning. Way too early, as far as Gold was concerned. Green saw fit to wake him from his slumber to prep for a camping trip. Seems like Green thinks it's a good idea to get away from the village and go on a camping trip for a while. At least until things blow over.

...Granted, Gold didn't think it was a bad idea at all, early awakening aside. He spent a lot of the early morning with his Senior, scoping out a proper spot and setting up tents, but there was another reason Green had chosen to work with Gold specifically, and it wasn't just because they both had fire Pokémon as their starters.

Gold had been functioning as the de facto leader of the Pokémon trainers in Luceti, having been there the longest and knowing the most about the world, he was tasked with getting everyone gathered up so they could go go go.

[Filtered to all Pokémon trainers in Luceti, including those from the alternate worlds, as well as Masaomi, Hiccup, Shiemi, and Chien. Oh, and Frey and his sister too, because housemates]

So you guys all saw that announcement, right? I know you did, Silver. [He saw that note, boy. |8] About all the outsiders comin' into Luceti for a little vacation. [If you could call that a vacation.] Anyway, it's gonna get real cramped here real fast, so Senior Green thinks it's a good idea to get away from the village for a bit. 'Least until all this blows over!

So, we're gonna go camping! We've got a sweet spot scoped out at the southern lake and tents already pitched, so pack up and head out! Make sure to bring your valuables with you, too, at least if you wanna make sure you still have 'em when you come back!

[And there ends that message.]


[Following that announcement, before Gold heads back to the campsite himself, Gold might be found in the shops, gathering supplies for this trip, when he notices something odd about the whole thing.]
Say, is it just me, or is there less stuff in the shops than usual?
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[Normally, Gold's content to just go day-by-day in Luceti, not entirely too concerned about the state of affairs back home. After all, as far as he's aware, everything should be perfectly fine and normal at home. He even went so far as to set his Pokégear's time and date to Luceti time instead of Earth time.

Of course, while it's normally a benefit, this time it works against him. His Pokegear ever-so-lovingly reminded him today was Mother's Day.

...So he needs a reminder of when Mother's Day is, okay. So sue him. Anyway, he's reminded of his mom now. Kid misses her, of course. He's not exactly ready to leave her behind just yet, and being away from home for two years... Well, it makes you homesick.

Instead of getting depressed over it, though, he instead opts to pose a question to Luceti.

So here's a little survey. Dunno what it's like in your world, but according to my Pokégear on this day in my world, it's a little holiday called "Mother's Day". It's pretty self-explanatory. It's a day we celebrate moms.

So answer this: What are your moms like? Here, I'll even kick things off to get started. My mom's pretty much the best mom anyone could ask for. She raised me with all her love, and I wouldn't trade her for any other mom in the world.

And her burgers are to die for. Now it's your turn. Shoot.

26 [Voice]

Apr. 13th, 2012 06:49 am
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[The journal clicks on, and lo, it is Gold. Needless to say, he probably seems a lot more like "himself" to the careful observers who were paying attention these past few weeks than before. And to the rest? Well, you just see Gold.]

I swear, that was the longest three weeks of my life. Stuck like that, that stuff goin' down at the dome, watchin' everyone lose their minds... Geez, talk about your crap timing. Damn mallies...

Of course, the real kicker here is that while all this was goin' on, I miss out on April Fool's Day! That's my day! Man, and no one else even busted out some sweet pranks, either... Bit too late to go plannin' that now. [A groan. Definitely too late for that, especially with Masaomi off doing only God knows what. He needs his partners in crime for this, after all.

All this craziness that went on brings something to mind for Gold, however.

Hey, I want a rolecall here. All Pokémon trainers here in Luceti, report in! Gotta get an idea of who's still lurkin' around here, after all. That includes you newbies we inducted, too! [Gotta make sure everyone's present and accounted for... Have to make sure that no one's... missing...

...Something's off in the house. Something's missing.

...Anybody seen Mewtwo? Y'know, tall, furry, tail longer than an Arbok? Could melt your brain with a single thought if he wanted to? That one. Haven't seen around since that little experiment came to a close.

...Dammit, don't tell me he's...

25 [Video]

Mar. 15th, 2012 12:19 am
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[The journal turns on with a dull click, Gold musing to himself.]

Man... has it really been two years? [Oh, right, it's on. Right.] Hey, so here's a question. What-- [Gold's cut off, however, as a loud crash in heard in the background. It definitely didn't sound like an accident in the kitchen, no... It came from Silver's room!]

Huh?! [Bolting up and taking the journal with him, Gold darts off to Silver's room. ...Which is right next to his own, so it's not a far run. He doesn't stop to knock or even check to see if Silver's in there. He just busts right in.]

[It wouldn't be fair to say that the Hydro Cannon that manages to halt the droids in Silver's room for a few seconds -along with wrecking the contents of his room, punching out his wall like it's tissue paper, sending all of it and then some far out of the house- sounds like a fire fighter's hose. Not even turned up to eleven. Hell, a tidal wave doesn't even seem accurate. Regardless, the massive torrent of water is there, and Silver's not even waiting for it to finish before sprinting right out of his room.

Or, well, he would be, if Gold wasn't there.
] Move! [He couldn't sound more panicked if he tried.]

[Gold freezes up momentarily when he sees those droids. Those bastards have come... for Silver! Recovering from his hesitation, Gold is quick to grab Silver by the shirt and yank him towards the door to the outside.] C'mon, we gotta get outta here!

[Silver remains silent as Gold drags him outside. The droids are quick to regroup, however, as they close in on the duo. Whether Silver realizes it or not is up for debate, but Gold knows they're not getting out of this one.]

Guess this is the end of the line for us, huh? There's no use fightin' it now...

[To the random observer, someone might take this as Gold's surrender. Just giving up the ghost, as it were... But Silver knows better than that, letting out a faint smirk as he knows what's coming next.]

Nyeh! [Gold sticks his tongue out at the droids, taunting them. If they were capable of feeling, they'd surely feel enraged.] If you bought that, then you piles of scrap metal need to be sent back to the manufacturer! Silver, let's go!

[Gold tosses his journal high up into the air. As it tumbles down, it catches a feed of Gold and Silver's Pokémon being released and unleashing their best attacks on the droids, a terrifying Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon fired dead center on the droids, the others feeding their attacks into the twin assault to bolster them.

But the journal hits the ground and closes shut before the end result is ever seen.

Anyone who comes to investigate the scene, however, will see what that end result was. The smashed remains of some droid parts lay near the house. ...As do the unconscious bodies of six Pokémon, and one abandoned journal. Gold and Silver are nowhere in sight.

The droids came for one, but left with two. Beware the ides of March.


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