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38 [Voice/Action]


[It's been a couple days now since the last Shift had reached its conclusion. Gold had been wrapped in its effects like many others, having taken on the life of a university student. He waited a couple days for everything to settle down, but honestly couldn't hold it in any longer.]

Soooo... Was there somethin' we were actually supposed to take away from all that? Some moral, or experience? 'Cause all I learned is that I still really hate goin' to school. I didn't need some stupid Shift to tell me that.

[At least he didn't have to wake up this Monday to go to classes again. He might lose it if this place had permanently become a school.]



[Following that, Gold goes about his day, and so may be caught in one of several places. He starts out (after eating a well-balanced breakfast at House 11) doing some Pokémon training in the Battle Dome, taking advantage of and appreciating the fact that the place suddenly has doubled the number of rooms it has. He didn't even have to petition the Malnosso for it to happen. It's as if they heard their pleas for the Battle Dome to expand. ...But that's crazy, right? As if that could happen.

Following that, he may be found at the Rec Center. It's possible you may him engaging in his usual pursuits of billiards and pinball there, but more than likely, he'll be found sitting on the couch, staring at the back of his journal. The loud dull hum of white noise can be heard while he does this, as he fiddles with the brand new tablet that's been mysteriously added to their journals. Surely it has to have something that it's trying to broadcast besides this static... right?

Briefly following that, having gotten frustrated with the journal, he leaves the Rec Center and heads out into the plaza for some well-deserved skateboarding. It's clear the weather's starting to change after all, and he'd rather enjoy it while it lasts. Perhaps you'll run into him here. Hopefully not literally.

And then to wrap it up, he heads back to the Battle Dome in the evening, to meet up with his instructors Bulla, Aang, Ventus and/or Saori to continue their training together.

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