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Hey, Wild Child! I hope you're ready for us to throw down! We'll settle this in the plaza, so be there!


[Better watch where you tread in the plaza today, my friends, for today, there is a Pokémon battle going on. Better watch for that rogue Flamethrower heading your way, or that armored dinorhino thing that likes to shake things up! And you just might get wet from a Surf attack!

...Or you could, you know, decide to watch from the sidelines and cheer someone on. That works too. Whatever the case, POKÉMON BATTLE, GOOO!
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I got a favor to ask you guys again. Remember a couple months ago when I asked you all to keep an eye out for some Pokémon showing up here? Well, more of my friends showed up here, so I need some help lookin' for their Pokémon, 'specially with how many of them came this month.

I asked Yellow to draw some pictures.

Cut because whoamg image )

If you seen any of 'em, just give one of us a holler. My name's Gold if you need me!


[Anyone who happens to be in the vicinity today just may see Gold walking away from House 33, carrying a couch with the aid of a Typhlosion, as an Aipom and Politoed follow him carrying some boxes. Seems someone's moving!]

((ooc: The mini-plot's officially getting kicked off, so for those of you who want to still volunteer or need to remember what you're doing, the list is here!))


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